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Blue Growth @ HSB

Maritime expertise has a long tradition at Hochschule Bremen with its roots from the founding of "Bremen School of Navigation" in the year 1799 and the beginning of higher education in naval architecture in the year 1895.

Nowadays, Hochschule Bremen is engaged in a number of diversified maritime and marine related activities in higher education and research. Among others, the sustainable use of the sea as transport mode and resource is an important challenge for technology, business and society.

Study courses from the field of Ship Management (Nautical Sciences), Shipping & Chartering, Naval Architecture and Applied Biology are co-operating in various subjects, pursuing the EU idea of “Blue Growth”.


Prof. Dr. Ing. Hans Gudenschwager (Naval Architecture)

Prof. Cpt. Thomas Jung (Nautical Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Lemper (Research Cluster Blue Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pawlik (Maritime Management)

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Zacharias (Biology)



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