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Wintersemester 2018/19
Please find below the list of seminars that are offered during the winter semester. Click on the chosen seminar and follow the link 'Anmeldung' in order to register online.

You will get 3 or 6 credits for the seminars (30 or 60 teaching hours). The credits are stated in the respective course descriptions.
9826Gender and MulticulturalismPrice17.10.2018Anfrage
9827General Management Studies (for non-business students)de Beaufort15.10.2018Anfrage
9830Germany and the European Union - History, Politics and CultureWege3.11.2018Anfrage
9828Intercultural Competence and CommunicationMusundi-Beez18.10.2018Anfrage
9831Job Applications in Germany - Procedures and OpportunitiesPhillips19.10.2018Anfrage
9829Openness, Creativity + Perception & Presentation SkillsUnnithan-Brauch24.10.2018Anfrage
9833Organizational BehaviorPrice16.10.2018Anfrage
9832Research Methods and Academic WritingPrice24.10.2018Anfrage
Student Voices
"The content gives you a very good perspective on OB and will be very well applicable in future job life"
(Organizational Behavior / Summer Semester 2018)

"the content of this class is very useful and you can improve your knowledge about management."
(General Management Studies / Summer Semester 2018)

"I enjoyed a lot the wide overview of different ways to face an intercultural experience."
(Intercultural Competence and Communication / Summer Semester 2018)
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