About the ZLL

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) at Hochschule Bremen offers a wide range of services for different target groups and stakeholders in the context of studying and teaching. On the one hand, it offers students and lecturers, but also those involved in the development and coordination of its degree programmes, further education and advisory services on university and media didactics as well as study-related topics. On the other hand, it is responsible for operating the university-wide learning platform AULIS as well as the university's video server, with a focus on integrating new media into teaching and coordinating the necessary didactic, organisational and technical processes. In addition, the ZLL develops, coordinates, is responsible for and supports the implementation of surveys to improve the quality of studying and teaching at the university. These activities are accompanied by research and development projects that address theoretical as well as practical issues in studying, teaching and continuing education and reflect these back into the courses and the university.

Offers and services

Team & Contacts

Scientific director

Technology and administration

Technical support (esp. ZOOM)


University and media didactic offers for teachers (programme management)

University and media didactic offers for teachers

Gender and Diversity in Teaching (Project)

Curriculum workshop (Project AddInno)


Offers and learning guidance for students (programme management)

Offers and learning guidance for students (programme management)


Teaching/learning infrastructure and media-didactic guidance (head of department)

Technical development and support (AULIS, video server etc.)

E-assessment and media didactic counselling

Development and implementation of E-Assessment (Project AddInno)

Support media production (Project AddInno)

Evaluation und Befragung

Course Evaluation and Surveys in the Context of Teaching Studies (Head of Department)

Project AddInno

Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekte

Project "Gender and Diversity in Teaching" (Professor Programme III)