Help and support

General questions regarding the application process

If you have general questions about the application process, please contact the Central Student Advisory Service

Technical questions

Please contact the Registrar's Office by e-mail, if you have technical difficulties.

Questions about the programmes

If you have questions about the content of a degree programme, please get in touch with the contacts for the respective programme.

Application for a Bachelor's degree

First semester

  • For the winter semester

If you have a German higher education entrance qualification and meet the admission requirements, you should first register in the portal and then apply in CampInO.

  • For the summer semester

If you have a German higher education entrance qualification and meet the admission requirements, apply in CampInO.

  • Cooperative degree programmes

If you have already concluded a contract for training or study with a cooperation partner of the HSB, you can submit your application in CampInO.

Application for a Master’s degree

Consecutive Master’s programmes

If you have a German Bachelor’s degree and meet the admission requirements for the programme you are applying for, you can submit your application in CampingO.

MBA and Master's programmes at the International Graduate Center

Please, apply directly to the International Graduate Center (IGC)  and register in CampInO after you have been admitted and paid the deposit.

International applicants

The Hochschule Bremen participates in the preliminary review documentation (German: Vorprüfungsdokumentation VPD) procedure organised by uni-assist.

If your higher education entrance qualification was acquired abroad and you meet the admission requirements as well as the language qualifications, you first apply for the Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD) at before applying directly to the HSB in CampInO with the VPD.

International applications at the International Graduate Center

If you choose to study in a master's programme at the International Gradaute Center, you don't apply via uni-assist. Instead, you apply directly via the IGC's online application portal.

Applying for an advanced semester – advanced students

You can apply to CampInO with a German higher education entrance qualification if you meet the admission requirements of the degree programme and you can provide evidence of 18 transferable ECTS credits.

If you were previously a student of the same degree programme at HSB, you must apply as an advanced student.

Transfer and recognition of learning outcomes

You have already studied at another university or in another subject? Have you completed vocational training or gained experience in other contexts that fit in with your studies?

It is quite possible that you already possess knowledge and skills that can be recognised as equivalent learning outcomes of a module in the subject you wish to study.

Equivalent learning outcomes

Pursuant to the Bremen University Act, the Examination Regulations of the Hochschule Bremen, and the European Credit Transfer System ECTS it is possible to apply for recognition of equivalent course work and examinations undertaken at other universities.

Coursework and examination achievements are considered to be equivalent if they approximate in content, scope and requirements to those of the corresponding degree programme at the university you are applying for.

The examination board decides on the recognition of previously completed coursework and examination achievements after the necessary documents have been submitted and the subject representatives have been heard. The recognition procedure begins after enrolment at the Hochschule Bremen has taken place.

If you have been removed from the student register at a university or university of applied sciences due to irrevocably failing a last attempt at an examination, you can no longer study the same or a related degree programme.


Further study options

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