About the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

The Central Student Advisory Service provides information and advice to prospective and current students at all stages of their studies. Parents, teachers and other supporters are also welcome. We are part of a large counselling network and provide referrals when needed. In addition to individual counselling, we offer various formats for orientation and reflection.

The Central Student Advisory Service also includes the Family Office for Students, the Advisory Service for Inclusive Studies and the Student Advisory Service for International Students and International Prospective Students.

Individual Counselling and Open Counselling Hours

The Central Study Advisory Service has open counselling hours every day. You don't need an appointment during these times, just come by! If the in-person advising hours don't work for you, feel free to use our phone or online counselling hours instead.

Scheduling conflicts with the open counselling hours? Then just write an email to study@hs-bremen.de describing what you'd like to discuss as well as a few times that would work for you to meet.

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