The governing body of Hochschule Bremen is the University Management (Rektorat), which consists of the President, the Head of Administration and three Vice Presidents.

  • The President presides over the rectorate and determines the principles according to which the university is to be managed and administered. She represents the university externally.
  • The Head of Administration directs the university administration in accordance with the guidelines of the University Management and is responsible for the budget.
  • The Vice Presidents each have a specific area of responsibility: teaching and learning, research and transfer, and digitalisation. International Affairs is the responsibility of the President.
  • The University Management regulates the allocation of responsibilities by rules of procedure. Its members perform the tasks assigned to them on their own responsibility.

The University Management decides on all matters which are not assigned to another body by law. It manages the university in compliance with the resolutions of the Academic Senate and the principles of the President as well as the target and performance agreements with the Senator for Science and Ports. It distributes the posts and funds, taking into account the performance and workload in research and teaching and the promotion of young academics, as well as the progress made in fulfilling the equal opportunities mandate.


Areas of responsibility

  • strategic planning, profile development, general fundamental issues of structural and higher education development planning, target agreements, guidelines, regulations
  • representation of the university in public and vis-à-vis organisations, institutions, associations, foundations and maintaining contacts with strategic partnerships
  • supervisor of the academic sector
  • personnel planning and development in the academic sector, appointment matters, appointment law
  • university communication and marketing
  • promotion of Women and Equality, Diversity
  • cultural affairs
  • international strategic policy issues

Head of Administration

Areas of responsibility

  • management of the university administration
  • responsibility for creating the necessary framework conditions for implementing the university development plan
  • responsibility for the administrative implementation of the decisions of the Rectorate and the Academic Senate in consultation with and with the support of the members of the University Management who are responsible for the respective departments.
  • general representation of the HSB President
  • budget officer
  • financial planning and budgeting
  • resource management and controlling
  • participation matters

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Areas of responsibility

  • all matters in the area of teaching and learning that do not fall under the responsibility of the faculties The frame of reference is in particular the entire so-called "student life cycle" as well as quality management
  • overarching aspects of continuing education and lifelong learning
  • representation of the university in relevant committees and relevant working contexts at regional, national and international level
  • cooperation with relevant organisations in the field of teaching and learning at rectorate level
  • quality management in teaching and learning

Vice President of Research and Transfer

Porträtfoto Britta Lüder

Dr. Britta Lüder
Konrektorin Forschung und Transfer
+49 421 5905 2023

Areas of responsibility

  • all matters in the area of research and transfer including young academics
  • management of the Research Commission and the Doctoral College
  • expansion and maintenance of cooperation in the area of research and transfer
  • research funding through HSB's Research and Development Fund
  • representation of the university in relevant committees and relevant working contexts at regional, national and international level

Vice President of Digitalisation

  • organisational development related to digitalisation as a strategic cross-sectional area
  • project development and management with regard to the digital orientation of the university
  • advice and support for digitalisation concepts and measures in teaching and learning, research and development, transfer, continuing education and administration
  • further development of IT services and systems
  • strategy development, coordination and process management in the area of digitalisation as a comprehensive reform and transformation process
  • development and implementation of a CIO structure
  • representation of the university in relevant committees and relevant working contexts at regional, national and international level

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