Personal data and semester documents

Your data in CampInO

Your personal data is stored in the CampInO portal. You can change your contact details there yourself. Please update your details in good time, as the HSB sends your semester documents, among other things, to the address stored in CampInO. 

If you wish to change your name or other locked master data, please submit the Change Notification Form to the Registrar's Office.

Semester documents

You will receive your semester documents (student ID, semester ticket, enrolment and BAföG certificates) by post after you have re-registered for the semester. 

You can create further enrolment certificates in German and English yourself in CampInO. 

If you need replacement documents because you have either not received them or lost them, please submit the relevant form to the Registrar's Office.

Students in the FlexMaster programmes offered by the Graduate & Professional School do not receive a semester ticket.

Re-registration and semester fee

If you wish to continue your studies in the coming semester, you must re-register in good time. Re-registration is triggered by transferring the semester fee in the amount applicable at the time. 

You are responsible for your own re-registration, you will not receive a special notice. 

Re-registration deadlines:

  • For the summer semester: in February 
  • For the winter semester: in August 

Amount of the semester fee 

For re-registration for the summer semester 2023, the semester fee is 343.26 euros. 

Check the amount to be transferred in advance in CampInO in the Student Services area on the 'Payments' tab. The amount you have to pay may deviate from the standard amount due to any credit that may be offset. In CampInO you can also check whether the amount has been paid. Check on 'student status' if there is a locking for the upcoming semester.

If your re-registration payment is received on time and there is no locking to your re-registration, you have successfully re-registered and will receive your semester documents by post. 

HSB students who seek admission to a consecutive Master's programme at the HSB immediately after completing their Bachelor’s degree must first re-register in the Bachelor's programme; the credit will be transferred when admission is granted. 

Reference line

Please transfer the semester fee to the account of the Hochschule Bremen. In the reference line, please only state your matriculation number, your first and last name without any other additions so that the payment can be automatically allocated. Example: 0123456 Doe Jane

Enrolment during the semester abroad

During your stay abroad, you must remain enrolled at the Hochschule Bremen so that the study abroad can be recognised for your studies and so that you retain your student status and student health insurance. It is essential that you inform yourself about the regulations that apply to you before your stay abroad by contacting the appointee for studies abroad in your faculty, the DIO and/or the Registrar's Office. 

Fee exemption and repayment

Exemption from payment of the semester ticket

The semester ticket is generally obligatory for all students. Exemption from payment of the semester ticket is only possible for special reasons and with appropriate proof. The reasons for exemption are regulated in the contract between the student representation and the transport companies. You will also find them on the application for exemption from the semester ticket. 

Please submit your application for exemption from payment of the semester ticket with the relevant evidence to the Enrolment and Examination Office. If you are applying for exemption due to leave of absence, please submit your application for leave of absence to the Enrolment and Examination Office before the start of the new semester. 

Exemption from payment of the contribution to the Studierendenwerk

If you are on leave of absence for certain reasons, you can be exempted from the Studierendenwerk contribution. You can find details on the application for exemption from the Studierendenwerk fee. Please submit this together with the application for leave of absence to the Registrar's Office before the start of the new semester. 

AStA fee and contribution to administrative costs 

The AStA fee and the administrative fee must always be paid and are non-refundable even after de-registration. The administrative fee is only waived in the case of two or more leaves of absence in succession. 

Reduced payment for re-registration 

Provided you have submitted your exemption applications in time and they are approved, please only transfer the reduced amount you see on CampInO. 

If you have paid too much due to late application, or if you are entitled to a refund due to de-registration during the semester, please use the application for refund (Antrag auf Erstattung). The staff of the Registrar's Office will be happy to advise you. 

Please note: Only by paying the semester fee on time will you be enrolled or re-registered. The study documents (semester ticket, student ID, matriculation and BAföG certificates) are not always sent by post immediately after receipt of payment, but in good time before the start of the new semester.

Leave of absence

You can apply for a semester of leave of absence during re-registration. Leave of absence from studies is not possible in the first semester. An exception is leave of absence for the reason of "parental leave". Submit the application for leave of absence with the relevant evidence during the re-registration period. You will also find the reasons for a leave of absence on the application form. 

Number of semesters of leave 

As a rule, a maximum of two semesters of leave can be granted without giving reasons. More than two semesters of leave can only be approved with proven reasons (e.g. due to illness). 

Due to pregnancy/maternity leave and parental leave, up to six semesters of leave per child can be granted. 

Effects of taking a semester of leave 

  • During a semester of leave, you may not participate in any course work and/or examinations.  
    Exception: In the case of leave of absence due to pregnancy/parental leave, participation in examinations is possible. To register for a module, please contact your responsible contact person at the Enrolment and Examinations Office. 

  • Semesters of leave do not count as semesters of study. The leave of absence may affect, for example, the payment of child benefit, BAföG, residence regulations for visas, employment relationships or other individual requirements. Please inform yourself at the relevant offices before applying for a leave of absence. 

  • A semester of leave may entitle you to a fee waiver. You must apply for this separately. 

Legal basis: Bremen Higher Education Act in conjunction with the HSB Enrolment Regulations. 

Module registration and examination matters

Module and examination registration

Within the first three weeks of the lecture period of each semester, students choose the modules in which they wish to participate and register their participation as binding. With the module registration, at the same time you also register for the examination in the relevant module . 

The HSB uses the online portal QIS-POS for module and examination registration. 
Students of the Fakulty 2  - School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Faculty 4 - School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science will use CampInO.

You can register for up to five modules per semester. In the event of failing the module examination or withdrawal from a module examination in the form of written examination under supervision [according to § 15 paragraph 4 AT BPO (General Part of the Bachelor’s Examination Regulations) and AT MPO (General Part of the Master’s Examination Regulations)] in up to two modules, re-registration is not possible. In individual cases, the dean of studies may allow the registration for further modules upon application with grounds if it is to be expected that the student can fulfil the resulting additional requirements. 

Module registration for the summer semester 2023

  • Module registration possible from start of lectures: 11 April 2023
  • Module registration deadline: 03 May 2023

For students of Faculty 2 - School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering the following dates apply for the registration phase in CampInO (registration via our online portal QIS-POS is not possible).

  • Faculty 2 - Module registration possible from start of lectures: 19 April 2023
  • Faculty 2 - Module registration deadline: 11 May 2023

Interdisciplinary modules 

Sometimes it is either necessary, or simply your wish, to take a module of another degree programme. You must apply for this during the module registration phase. Use the corresponding form for this and follow the detailed instructions. 

Withdrawal from an examination 

Withdrawal from examinations that have to be taken during the period of the semester in which courses take place (e.g. coursework, presentations) is only possible up to the point in time that the assignment is handed out. You can withdraw from oral examinations up to two weeks before the examination date at the latest. You must declare your withdrawal in writing. 

In the case of written examinations, withdrawal is deemed to have taken place if you do not appear on the examination date. If you withdraw from the first examination date or fail an examination, you remain registered for a subsequent second examination date (repeat examination according to § 14 paragraph 4 AT BPO BPO (General Part of the Bachelor’s Examination Regulations) and AT MPO (General Part of the Master’s Examination Regulations). If you also fail to take part on the retake date of the examination, a second withdrawal is deemed to have taken place.   

Thus, if you have not successfully completed the module examination after the first and second examination dates, you must re-register for the module in the following semester in order to take the examination. 

Before the last exam attempt?

You cannot register for an examination in QIS-POS/CampInO yourself if it constitutes the last possible attempt. The registration will be taken care of by the Registrar's Office after you have provided evidence of having participated in the obligatory student counselling meeting. You will be sent a corresponding personalised form by post. 

You can also find a blank form and instructions from the AStA under "Further Information".

Registering for the Bachelor's/Master's Thesis

Please use the following forms to register your thesis. 

Students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the School of Architecture please note the special annexes. 

Examination regulations

The General Part of the Bachelor's and Master's Examination Regulations and the respective subject-specific examination regulations are the legal basis for your studies. They contain detailed information on your rights and obligations. Familiarise yourself with your examination regulations right from the start. 

Subject-specific examination regulations 

You can find the subject-specific examination regulations on the respective programme page.


Legal Office

AB 301 – 303a
Campus Neustadtswall

General parts

Accident insurance

Students are subject to the protection of the responsible statutory accident insurance institutions of the accident insurance funds in the event of accidents while attending university in Germany. The insurance cover is automatic and does not require contributions to be paid by the insured. The insurance covers accidents that may occur at the respective institution as well as on the way there and back to your place of residence. 

Report accident 

In the event of an accident, please inform Christiane Krebs immediately. She will arrange for the necessary notification to the accident insurance fund. 

Accident insurance for stays abroad 

In the case of a stay abroad during the course of your studies, the accident insurance funds may also offer protection. However, certain criteria apply. Please be sure to inform yourself before you embark on your stay abroad. 

The International Office can be helpful here. 

Further Information

Part-time studies

With part-time studies, the number of credits scheduled per semester is reduced. This extends the regular duration of studies and may also have an impact on the period of entitlement to BAföG. 

There are no specific courses or times for attending courses. 

Even if you are not enrolled on an approved part-time programme, you can still opt to earn fewer fewer than the usually stipulated number of 30 credits per semester. 

You can find more information on studying part-time at the Hochschule Bremen in the regulations on part-time studies. 


If you would like to apply for part-time studies, please submit the written application for part-time studies to your responsible administrative unit in the Registrar's Office. 

Required information: 

  • Your personal data (first and last name, degree programme, matriculation number), 
  • Reason for your request 
  • Period (at least two semesters) 

You must enclose evidence of the asserted important reason and its effect on the extension of the duration of studies with the application. 

Maternity leave during studies


Students who wish to discontinue their studies or transfer to another university can de-register at any time. 

Students changing universities should only de-register once they have received a confirmation of receiving a place at the new university. Please submit the application for de-registration to the Registrar's Office. 

De-registration takes place without an application if you have passed the final examination of your degree programme or have definitively failed an examination performance required for passing the examination according to the examination regulations. 

You will also be de-registered 1) if you have failed to re-registered or 2) have been refused re-registration. 



Open office hours/opening times are currently not taking place. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone. 

The contact details of the administrative unit responsible, including a mobile number to reach them at their home office, can be found on the website of your degree programme or in the directory of persons.

For general enquiries, please use the e-mail address  

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