Information for international students

This information only applies to applicants who wish to complete a Bachelor's or Master's degree at the Hochschule Bremen, not to exchange students. This information only applies to applicants who wish to complete a Bachelor's or Master's degree at the Hochschule Bremen, not to exchange students.

Information for exchange students

The same general deadlines and conditions apply to international applicants as to applicants with a German higher education entrance qualification. You will find the possible further requirements for international applicants on this page.

Pre-assessment of educational certificates

If your school leaving certificate or Bachelor's degree was acquired abroad, please
first apply to uni-assist for the VDP pre-assessment documentation (Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD)).

The VDP is a certificate issued by uni-assist. It contains the following information:

  • the educational certificates you have submitted to uni-assist
  • which type of higher education institution you can apply to in Germany
  • how your final grade is classified in the German grading system

When you receive the VPD from uni-assist, you apply with it directly to HSB. If you use the application portal CampInO you must upload the VPD.

If the Bachelor's degree programme you wish to study is coordinated via Hochschulstart, you must register with beforehand.

It will take uni-assist approximately four to six weeks to process your application. You should therefore plan ahead and request the VPD as early as possible.

If your educational certificates do not qualify you for direct university access, you must first complete a preparatory course (Studienkolleg), for example at Here Ahead.


If one of the following cases applies to you, do not apply for a pre-assessment documentation (VPD) from uni-assist.

Admission requirements

Your pathway to the HSB

  1. 1. Get all the information you can!

    Degree programmes: Find out about the degree programmes you can choose from at HSB.

    Language skills: For many degree programmes, you have to prove that you have sufficient German language skills when applying.

    Finances: Take care of how to finance your studies in good time.

  2. 2. Application

    Application: Find out about deadlines, admission requirements and necessary documents in good time.

    Admission and enrolment: If your application was successful, you must formally accept your place and formally enrol.

  3. 3. Organise your stay

    Visa: Depending on which country you come from, you may need a visa to enter Germany and study here.

    Health insurance: In order to apply for a visa and to be able to enrol at the HSB, you need to have proof of sufficient health insurance.

    Living in Bremen: Start looking for accommodation in Bremen in good time.

  4. 4. On arrival in Bremen

    Register at the Stadtamt: After you have found accommodation and moved to Bremen, you must register here. Only then can you apply for your residence permit, if necessary.

    Starting your studies: Find out in good time about preliminary courses, your timetable, and other details

  5. 5. During your studies

    Here you will find a list of counselling services at the Hochschule Bremen:


Additional requirements

Visa and Residence

Depending on your home country, you may need a visa to enter Germany.

  • Citizens of the European Union or of countries with which corresponding regulations exist do not require a visa for entry.
  • All others should enquire at the German representation in their home country about the regulations that apply to them. There you will also receive information on which documents are required for the visa application.

To apply for a visa, you will need:

Apply for your visa as early as possible, as the processing of the application can take several months.

Please make sure that you apply for a visa for study purposes. A simple tourist visa is not sufficient.

Here you can find further information on visa applications:


Once you have arrived in Bremen, you must register with the City of Bremen.

Students from non-EU countries must then apply for a residence permit at the branch of the Foreign Nationals' Registration Office (Außenstelle des Ausländeramts) on the campus of the University of Bremen:

BSU Bremen Service University Bibliothekstraße
D-28359 Bremen
(Uni Bremen Central Area, Glass Hall Level 0)

If you live outside Bremen, the registration offices and foreign nationals' offices in your place of residence are responsible for you.


Um sich an der HSB zu immatrikulieren, benötigen Sie eine ausreichende Krankenversicherung.

Studierende aus EU-Ländern und aus Ländern mit Sozialversicherungsabkommen

Europäische Studierende, die im Besitz einer Europäischen Versicherungskarte (EHIC) sind, müssen diese lediglich bei der Einschreibung vorlegen. Die Krankenversicherung von Studierenden aus Ländern, die ein Sozialversicherungsabkommen mit Deutschland haben, ist ebenfalls in Deutschland gültig. Wichtig: Der Krankenversicherungsschutz muss während des gesamten Studiums gewährleistet sein.

Studierende aus Nicht-EU-Staaten

Studierende, deren Heimatland nicht zur EU gehört, müssen sich bei einer deutschen Krankenversicherung versichern. Unter Umständen reicht auch eine private Krankenversicherung aus Ihrem Heimatland aus. Dies müssen Sie mit Ihrer Versicherung klären.

Krankenversicherungsnachweis für die Visumbeantragung

Sie können bereits aus dem Ausland eine deutsche Krankenversicherung abschließen. Die Bestätigung können Sie vernwenden, um Ihr Visums bei einer deutschen Vertretung in Ihrem Heimatland zu beantragen.


Ausländische Kranken- oder Reiseversicherungen, die Behandlungskosten, den Umfang der Leistungen oder die Dauer limitieren, können nicht anerkannt werden.

Älter als 30?

Studierende, die das 30. Lebensjahr vollendet haben, können in der Regel nicht mehr in der Krankenversicherung der Studierenden pflichtversichert werden (Ausnahmen möglich!). Sie können sich freiwillig weiter in der gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung versichern oder in eine private Krankenversicherung wechseln.

Financing your studies

You will need a bank account in Germany for your stay in order to be able to transfer rent, semester fees and other payments easily – and free of charge. You can open an account at any bank of your choice.

Please bear in mind that you will have to pay a few high sums at the beginning of your stay (e.g. first rent, deposit for the room, liability and health insurance contribution). For your visa application, you must also provide proof that you can finance a whole year’s stay in Germany.

Student grants/Funding

Take a look at the overview of potential sources of funding. Pay attention to the application deadlines!
Also use the DAAD scholarship database in your search for suitable funding opportunities.
Check for possible funding opportunities in your home country.

Part-time job/work permit

Students who come from European Union countries do not need a work permit to work alongside their studies.
Students from non-EU countries are allowed to work 120 full days or 240 half days a year during their studies without having to apply for a work permit.

If you want to work for a longer period, you need a special permit from the employment agency.
Information on part-time jobs for students and the legal requirement