Dual degree programmes, master’s degrees, and advanced degree programmes

The admission procedure begins after the application deadline is passed. If your status changes, you will receive notification by e-mail. Therefore, please check your e-mails regularly – the HSB will only contact you this way!

If you are granted admission, you must first bindingly confirm acceptance the study place in CampInO. You must also complete the online enrolment in CampInO.

After you have enrolled online, the enrolment application will be generated as a PDF document. You must submit this in paper form with the requested documents within the specified deadline.

Enrolment documents

To apply for enrolment, you must submit the following documents in paper form:

  • Application for enrolment
  • Copy of your higher education entrance qualification
  • If applicable, proof of additional admission requirements
  • If applicable, proof of periods of community service
  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Proof of insurance in a statutory health insurance or certificate of exemption from compulsory insurance
  • photograph
  • International applicants: Copy of residence permit

You must also have paid the semester fee in full before enrolment.

You can find out details on the documents you have to submit and corresponding deadlines in the application for enrolment.

Once your documents are complete, you will receive your semester documents (including your student ID and semester ticket) by post.


The regulations of Hochschule Bremen contain important information on organising your studies. By signing the application for enrolment, you confirm that you have acknowledged the regulations.

Health insurance

Students must submit an insurance certificate from a statutory health insurance provider to the Enrolment and Examination Office – both when they enrol at the beginning of their studies and once again if they change their health insurance provider or university. The university will then automatically confirm enrolment with the health insurance provider.

Applicants under 30 years of age must submit proof of health insurance when enrolling.

Applicants who have reached the age of 30 do not need to submit proof of health insurance cover.

Notes on statutory insurance

If you have statutory health insurance, you must submit a certificate from your health insurance provider.

Students can be covered by statutory health insurance through their parents (family insurance) until they reach the age of 25, provided they do not exceed certain income limits. Military service and community service generally extend the entitlement to non-contributory family insurance by the corresponding period. Under certain conditions, other statutory services (for example, service in the context of development aid) may also have an extending effect.

When the family insurance expires, you have the option of choosing a new health insurance provider. A change is possible without any problems at this point: you only have to apply for admission to your chosen health insurance provider within two weeks.

Notes on private insurance

If you are privately insured, you must submit an exemption certificate from a statutory health insurance provider.

Students who were previously privately insured become subject to compulsory insurance in the statutory health and long-term care insurance system on the day of enrolment. You have the opportunity to become a member of a statutory health insurance fund at a favourable premium when you start your studies. However, you also have the option of being exempted from compulsory insurance within three months of starting your studies if you wish to remain privately insured. But beware: this exemption applies for the entire duration of your studies! So find out about this at an early stage by contacting a health insurance company.

Termination of insurance

Student health and long-term care insurance usually ends when you complete your studies, at the end of your 14th semester or at the end of the semester in which you reach the age of 30. Exceptions are possible if family or personal reasons or the nature of the educational programme have led to an extension and thus justify a continuation of the student insurance. Examples are: Illness, birth of a child and subsequent care, or acquisition of the entry requirements for second-chance studies (zweiter Bildungsweg). In such exceptional cases, please contact your health insurance provider.

International students

Information on health insurance for international students