Advice on financing

You have come up with a great idea for a research project – we can…

  • provide you with information on current funding options
  • help you find the right funding programme,
  • explain the various requirements,
  • offer you advice on strategic matters.

You are preparing an application for third-party funding – we can…

  • help you draft the application,
  • clarify programme-specific questions with the respective funding organisation,
  • help you draw up a budget plan in accordance with the requirements of the chosen funding programme,
  • coordinate all internal HSB processes and consultations with the university administration up to and including the rectorate signing your application.

You have successfully acquired third-party funding for your project – we can …

  • support you in the preparatory phase by facilitating contacts with all HSB participants.

Events and mailing lists

In our Focus on Research event series and our fortnightly email with current calls for proposals, we regularly inform you about a wide range of funding programmes. If you do not already receive these, please feel free to contact us.


Information on internal and external funding