University committees

University committees are an important part of the university and academic self-governance. In them, teachers, staff and students of the university work together. The meetings are open to the public, which means that anyone can take part and have their say. In addition, the minutes of the meetings can be viewed. Student participation is desired or even required in committees at all levels!

Annual committee elections are held to decide who gets the seats/mandates.

Student committees

The student body forms an important part of the university and thus of all its degree programmes. It is represented at the central level as well as at the faculty level by student bodies. The student council and the AStA form the ‘student parliament’ and the ‘student government’ at the university. The representatives are elected by the student body.

Board elections

HSB is democratically organised. The election of student representatives to university and student bodies is therefore a central element and at the same time a valuable opportunity to actively shape your time at the Hochschule Bremen.

Information on the submission of election proposals or on the ballot will be provided in advance of each election.

If you have any questions about the election of university committees, you can contact the committee office. Information on the election of student bodies is provided by the AStA election committee and the Faculty council election committeen.