The sustainable use of the oceans as a mode of transport and resource, among other things, is an important challenge for technology, the economy and society. With its range of research and teaching, the Blue Sciences research cluster at Hochschule Bremen contributes to the further development of maritime economy and technology, duly taking into account protection of the marine environment.

Areas of expertise and contact persons

Maritime Economics, Management, Policy and Law

  • Prof. Dr. Hans Heinrich Bass
  • Prof. Dr. Burkhard Lemper
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Niemeier
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Pawlik
  • Prof. Dr. Winfried Osthorst
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Schwardt
  • Prof. Dr. Suzette Suarez
  • Michael Tasto
  • Prof. Dr. Gordon Wilmsmeier
  • Kapt. Willi Wittig, M. Sc.

Maritime Operations, Technology and Naval Architecture

  • Prof. Dr. Ilknur Colmorn
  • Tim Dentler
  • Prof. Bastian Gruschka
  • Prof. Dr. Broder Hinrichsen
  • Prof. Kapt. Thomas Jung
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Kraus
  • Philipp Last
  • Dr. Udo Meyer
  • Christof Punte
  • Prof. Gregor Schellenberger
  • Prof. Olaf Springer
  • Ulrich Wentzell

Marine Sciences

  • Prof. Dr. Antonia Kesel
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Klefoth
  • Prof. Dr. Gerd Klöck
  • Dr. Robert Taube
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Veltel