When you’re trying to get reoriented, an individual advising appointment can help. It’s good to take some time to clarify your options.

Get some support and don’t work through these questions alone! Together we can try to find out what your next steps could be. Advising is free and confidential.

The teams in the Career Service (general advising and questions about job applications) and the Study Advisory Service (general advising and questions of changing degree programs) are happy to offer support.

Are you wondering if your degree program was really the right choice for you? Does you degree still fit with your career plans and your personal strengths? Are you struggling with time management? Or are you just generally feeling lost?

Having some doubts about your studies is fairly common. The are many reasons why one’s studies may not be successful. In Germany, nearly 30 percent of students do not study to completion.

There are many ways to reach the goal. It pays off to re-examine and re-focus.

Many people change the course of their career path and are happy to have done so. This could be a change to a different degree program, to a dual apprenticeship, or another option. There are lots of individual possibilities.

Information to help with your decision

There are many reasons to doubt your choice of studies. What are yours? What are feeling unsure about? What or who can help you best? And: what would a possible next step be?

Information about ending your studies (in German only)

Thinking outside the box: alternatives to studying

Maybe it’s worth taking a look outside the university for answers to your questions.