With its research and teaching fields of Social Work, Nursing and Health Care, Leisure Studies and Political Management, the Faculty of Social Sciences forms a hub for social scientific topics and studies at the Hochschule Bremen. In addition to research and teaching, the Faculty of Social Sciences is networked in the sense of an applied university with a wide range of local and supra-regional practice partners in numerous areas of cooperation.



Bachelor’s degree programmes

Dual Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Master’s degree programmes


Altogether, seven scientific institutes are supported by the faculty or are closely associated with it. Members of the faculty are involved in the research clusters Quality of Life, Blue Sciences, Digital Transformation and Region in Transition in at the Hochschule Bremen. Doctorates are awarded through cooperation with research universities.

In addition to investigating scientific questions, the focus of research is on networking with the practical fields of social work, care management, leisure sciences and relevant political fields of action.


Proactive cooperation with our partner universities, the internationalisation of teaching and an extensive international exchange of lecturers and students breathe life into the profile of the faculty.

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