Living in Bremen

Are you looking for a room, a shared flat, or your own apartment? In addition to a variety of private offers, Studierendenwerk offers affordable living opportunities in many different neighborhoods in Bremen.

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Welcome Payment (Begrüßungsgeld)

If you change your main place of residence to Bremen for the first time, you will be entitled to receive a welcome payment of 150 EUR. Download your welcome payment application form and find more assistance in official residence registration at the bremen service universität (bsu) "Ihr Stadtamt auf dem Campus".


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Science is built on curiosity. Innovation means following new paths and being open to change. Reflection and thinking outside the box are essential for education and research. Arts and culture help us hone these skills. They can open new perspective, cause us to questions routines, and are sources for new ideas. Therefore, arts and cultural offerings have a secure place at Hochschule Bremen and play an important role in everyday academics.


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Sports and Activities

Preparing presentations, writing papers, planning projects -- the mind is hard at work when at university. Athletic activities can therefore be a worthwhile and healthy change for both body and soul. The athletic offers at Hochschule Bremen vary from simple opportunities to foster health and combat stress all the way to high-level competitions. Athletic activities offer both positive physical effects as well as the chance to meet new people and spend your free time in community.


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Participate and design

All Hochschule Bremen students have the chance to work on a variety of committees to speak up for their interests and play a role in designing their time in university. The university doesn’t function without students!


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Engagement and Volunteering

Volunteering means investing time without earning money or credit points. Nevertheless, it’s worth it to support projects and initiatives that you’re passionate about. Use your skills and efforts to help others or to support something good and earn worthwhile competences for the future at the same time. Employers and scholarship committees also honor these efforts!


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