Volunteering means investing time without filling your wallet or earning credit points. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to support projects and initiatives that are close to your heart. With your skills and your commitment, you help others or support a good cause and at the same time acquire valuable skills for the future. This is also rewarded by employers and scholarship providers!

Support prospective students with Rent a Student

Prospective students have a thousand questions in their heads: How does it feel to study at the Hochschule Bremen? What exactly does everyday life at the university look like? How does the search for accommodation work? And, and, and ...?

With the Rent a Student programme, prospective students can get a taste of university life for a day, attend events and experience first-hand what it means to study at the Hochschule Bremen. Of course, nothing works without students: the project relies on volunteers who provide insight into their everyday university life and answer questions about studying.

Students who would like to get involved in the project should send an e-mail to: rent-a-student@hs-bremen.de

Please always indicate your degree programme and in which semester you are studying.

Supporting the Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group is committed to making HSB more sustainable. In principle, all ideas are welcome. These are discussed together and, depending on the scope, implemented together or in smaller subgroups. Since it was set up in 2013, numerous projects have already been implemented, such as waste collection campaigns, donations of bread rolls or the more sustainable design of the refectory – and there are still more to come!

Become active with the Bremen Erasmus Initiative

Local Erasmus Initiatives (LEI) are student university groups that, among other things, work towards the successful integration of foreign students into university life. The volunteers are often the first student contact persons when it comes to what to do in Bremen or how certain things work. The LEI is also the perfect place to make contacts.

With over 30 cultural and professional events per year, LEI promotes intercultural dialogue and actively contributes to the success of the entire ERASMUS+ programme at HSB. Volunteering in the LEI brings a lot of possibilities for exchange, contact with international students and lots of fun.

Students who are interested in volunteering for the LEI at HSB can contact us before the start of the summer semester at the beginning of February and before the start of the winter semester at the beginning of August: LEI@hs-bremen.de

Join the Café International

Once a month, Café International invites refugees, international and German students to meet in a relaxed atmosphere. Besides music, food and games, there is a chance to make new contacts and learn about other cultures.

Promoting integration at IDKUF

The Working Group for the Promotion of Integration through Culture and Leisure (IDKUF) was founded in 2015 by HSB students and has since been committed to the successful integration of children, adolescents and young adults with a refugee background. The goal is to offer a space for intercultural exchange through joint cultural and leisure activities. The participants should live out their interests together and get to know the diversity Bremen has to offer.