Strategy and University Planning

A new staff unit is currently being developed in the Rector's area of responsibility, which will bring together the tasks in the area of "strategy" and "higher education planning" in a transparent and focused manner. This includes, among other things, processes for target and performance agreements with the state, university development and faculty planning and the associated fundamental strategic questions, control instruments and concept development related to the central core functions of HSB.

Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs

On the one hand, the Office of Teaching and Learning contributes to strategic projects in the area of teaching and learning by compiling work results from the areas assigned to the Office of the Vice-Rector, evaluating them in the context of higher education policy developments and subsequently developing structural proposals and recommendations for action.

It also carries out projects for the further development of teaching and learning in a coordinating and steering role, including the application for funding.

Academic Controlling

The staff unit Academic Controlling is the responsibility of the Chancellor and is currently being set up. It supports the university's planning, control, reporting and quality management processes by providing quality-assured university data.


The staff unit reports to HSB's Head of Administration.

Internal Audit

The internal auditor acts on behalf of the university management. Its tasks include evaluating work processes, checking compliance with regulations and preventing corruption and fraudulent acts.