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LIMITED ACCESS on Wednesday, 30 December 2020
Due to maintenance of the central registration service (Single-Sign On) of the Computer Centre, members of the HSB with "RZhsb-Account" (students, teachers, employees) will not be able to login on AULIS on Wednesday, 30/12/2020.

Persons with "Cooperation Account" can use AULIS as usual on 30/12/2020.

... is part of the central services at Hochschule Bremen.
As a technical platform AULIS supports " A ugmented L earning and T eaching in I nternet-based S ystems”.
The system is used for access to knowledge resources and educational media and for communication and cooperation via internet, augmenting in-class lectures and online-courses as well.
Students and teachers have the same permission rights to design and use their online learning environments.
AULIS works on basis of the software system ILIAS (OpenSource).


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If you have any questions about AULIS now or need individual advice - do not hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail - we will answer as soon as possible and make a short term appointment.
Questions about AULIS can be addressed to:
Name Phone E-Mail
Wilkens, Ulrike, Dr. Ing. +49 421 5905 5458  send
Balke, Ralf-Peter +49 421 5905 5471  send
Riebe, Katharina +49 421 5905 4780  send
Media Competence Center (MMCC)
The Media Competence Center (MMCC) is responsible for operating the learning platform AULIS.
It is a self-contained facility at the Hochschule Bremen, concerned with the integration of New Media into study environments and the coordination of the required processes in their didactical, organizational and technical dimensions.
You will meet us at the HSB-location ZIMT (Center for Computer Sciences and Media Technologies), Flughafenallee 10, room 315 and room 307.



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