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Maternity protection during studies

The Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) also applies to female students. Students expecting a child are encouraged to report their pregnancy.

For pregnant or breastfeeding students, the following applies in essence:

1. According to § 15 of the Maternity Protection Act, you should inform the university of your pregnancy and the expected date of delivery as soon as you know that you are pregnant. If you are breastfeeding, you should also inform the Hochschule Bremen as early as possible.

2. Female students may not take part in study events or examinations during the statutory maternity leave period (6 weeks before the calculated date of birth until 8 weeks - in special cases 12 weeks - after birth). And this must not be to their disadvantage. At the same time, however, students retain the right, if they so wish, to continue their studies during this time. If you wish to attend courses or take examinations during the retention period, you must expressly declare this in writing to the university by submitting the corresponding waiver. The declaration can be revoked at any time - but only for the future.

3. In accordance with § 10 of the Maternity Protection Act, the Hochschule Bremen must determine the dangers to which you, as a pregnant or nursing student, or your child, are or could be exposed. On the basis of this risk assessment, the Hochschule Bremen must decide whether and to what extent protective measures must be taken.

Notification of pregnancy

Of course, the Hochschule Bremen can only fulfil its obligations under points 2 and 3 if you have informed it of the pregnancy - as provided for by law. To report an existing pregnancy, please use the appropriate form, which you personally hand in to the head of the Registrar’s and Examination Office, Mrs Christiane Krebs, or send her by e-mail. ( In addition to the form, a copy of the mother's passport with the calculated date of birth must be submitted.

Further steps

  • Mrs Krebs confirms receipt of your report and asks you to arrange an appointment with Mrs Christina Rehm (occupational safety specialist at the Hochschule Bremen) for an individual risk assessment.
  • Based on your personal study situation, you will discuss possible dangers at your study or practical training place (e.g. heavy lifting, heat, cold, noise, hazardous substances) and possible protective measures.
  • The Hochschule Bremen will inform the head of the study programme or laboratory about the results of the risk assessment so that your head of the study programme can take protective measures if necessary. 
  • The result of the risk assessment and any necessary protective measures are documented and transmitted to the Gewerbeaufsichtsamt in accordance with § 14 of the Maternity Protection Act.
  • The Family Office of the Hochschule Bremen advises and supports you in questions concerning the compatibility of pregnancy, family and studies by providing individual and trustworthy advice.

Studying with a child

Studying with a child means: courage, strong nerves and a great deal of perseverance.

It requires very special planning and coordination. Of primary importance are the financial support and government funds which are made available for students. But one thing is for sure: the stress will be at least twice as much as it usually is.

However, when you take time-outs for yourself and your studies, adequate child day care should not be neglected.

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