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Studying at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences is more than learning. Bremen has a lot to offer.

New at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences?
In the orientation week for first semester students stand in front of the Student Representatives. They have a variety of activities. Here, the first semester students receive, among other information on initiatives, working and learning groups.
New in Bremen? Relocation completed! Before the student life can really get going, you'll have to run a few errands. To help you get started in Bremen we have collected some helpful links here.
What can I do in Bremen? Relax in the countryside, go out and celebrate, shop, play sports, spend a day at the museum or just go for a walk - Bremen offers many possibilities.
Where can I take the semester ticket? In Bremen and region on the road.

Culture at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences? It’s a fair question to inquire what the  Bremen University of Applied Sciences has to do with culture. And on the surface the answer might appear to be not much.

But looking a bit closer the truth is – as it is too for international flair – culture has become a genuine trademark of the University of Bremen.

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