Theme for this Key Connections meeting: Building a social network in Bremen

Studying as an international student can be both exciting and challenging. Key Connections is a place for international students at the HSB to share about those exciting and challenging experiences with other international students and get support from people who are experiencing similar things. Each meeting will have a thematic focus (for example: career, social life, etc.), but other topics are allowed, too, of course. Join us for a conversation hour to:

  • Find support when you’re having difficulties in your studies or in your everyday experiences in Bremen
  • Learn insider tips from other international students and share your own
  • Get in touch with other international students
  • Practice your language skills in an informal, low-stakes setting


Registration is helpful for planning the event, but isn't required. So if you already know you want to participate, please send an email to with your name and which group you would like to participate in (the German or English group). We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Would you rather speak German?

Then participate in our German-speaking Key Connections group.



15:30 - 16:30 Uhr


Campus Neustadtswall - Gebäude AB
Gebäude AB - 5. Obergeschoss

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