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Possibilities of study financing

What possibilities do I have to finance my studies? Is there support for semesters spent abroad? How do I get a scholarship?

Please seek information about your entitlement to support pursuant to BAföG or other alternatives.

The following institutions can advice you:

Searching for a scholarship? There is a large offer of support ranging from student support to scholarships for stays abroad. The spectrum of sponsors is wide.

Which scholarship fits my needs? Which sponsor should I decide for?

You can find an overview over existing scholarships following this links: 

Does the University of Applied Sciences Bremen grant scholarships?
Yes, within the bounds of the Deutschlandstipendium.

The Deutschlandstipendium is supposed to support talented students as well as first-year students.

Who can apply for the scholarship? Who are the sponsors?

You can seek more Information following this link: 

BAföG – Federal Education and Training Assistance Act
BAföG refers to the state funding of school and university students. BAföG pursues the objective of enabling an optimal education or studies for children of low-income families, hence to increase equal opportunities. Not everyone is therefore entitled to BAföG support. It cannot be generally confirmed whether someone is eligible or not. Eligibility will depend on several factors.

These are the two essential factors:

  • Is my education eligible for support?
  • Do I fulfill the personal requirements?

By the way, the full support amount is not a "present" given by the state. A large proportion must be repayed once the maximum support period has been exceeded.

Education loan
The education loan program initiated by the German Federal Government grants low-interest loans to school and university students who are engaged in advanced stages of education. An education loan primarily serves the purpose of accelerating education and financially covering the extraordinary expenses which are not covered by BAföG payments. It is therefore granted in addition to BAföG.

As school and university students usually do not dispose of sufficient securities, the German Federal Government takes over a deficiency guarantee (Federal Guarantee) on behalf of the applicants, which accounts for the low interest rates of this deferred payment loan. The application for an education loan does not take into regard the income and financial assets of the applicant, his/her spouse or parents.

In principle, an education loan is only approved  in case of training courses also recognized in the purview of the BAföG legislation.

Student loan
A student loan gives you the opportunity to finance your studies independently or on your own responsibility. Special about a student loan is that in principle every student is  entitled to get one and that it closes gaps in state funding (e.g. BAföG). This creates numerous advantages for students, for example studies abroad which previously used to be unaffordable for many students can now be financed fast and unbureaucratically with a student loan.

A student loan can be applied deliberately to finance one's entire studies or just a certain study stage. The student can choose the amount of the loan all by himself. The financial institutes grant student loans in a range from 1,000 to 50,000 euros.



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