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Corona-Virus FAQ


What are the symptoms?

The most common signs of illness in Germany are cough and fever. However, there are also a number of other signs of illness such as a cold, sore throat, shortness of breath, headaches and aching limbs, as well as general weakness. Various European studies also report an impairment of the sense of smell/taste.

However, the course of the disease is unspecific, diverse and varies greatly. Therefore, no generally valid statements can be made about the "typical" course of the disease.

(Source: Federal Centre for Health Education) Information on whether you may be affected and what to do can be found in COVID-19 Orientation for citizens of the RKI:

How can I protect myself?

For your own protection, but also to avoid the spread of the virus as far as possible, please follow the hygiene recommendations as they are shown on this website and at the entrances and exits on posted posters. They comply with the recommendations of the Federal Centre for Health Education (

With these simple, personal hygiene measures you can help to protect yourself and others from contagious infectious diseases.
- Frequent thorough hand washing with soap (at least 20 seconds)
- Keep hands away from face
- Abstaining from shaking hands in greeting
- Coughing and sneezing label (coughing away from other people, sneezing into a disposable handkerchief or into the crook of your arm, not into the palm of your hand)
- Always keep sufficient distance to other persons (min. 1.5m)
- General cleanliness and hygiene of everyday objects and regular airing of rooms (with wide open windows)

What do I do when I return from a risk area?

Since 10 April 2020, the Robert Koch Institute has no longer identified any international risk areas and no particularly affected areas in Germany because coronavirus has spread worldwide and a special focus on individual areas is no longer appropriate.
There is therefore a risk of transmission both in Germany and worldwide in a vast number of regions.

How do I behave if I have had contact with a person suffering from COVID 19?

- If you have had personal contact within the past 14 days with a person who has been diagnosed with the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, please stay at home and contact the responsible health authority immediately by telephone - even if you do not have any signs of illness. The public health department will inform you about the further necessary steps.
(Source: Federal Centre for Health Education)

- If you yourself suffer from respiratory symptoms, you should also contact your doctor or the medical on-call service by telephone. To minimize the risk of infection, do not go directly to a doctor's office.
Your doctor or health care professional will give you further instructions that you must follow.

- Also inform your supervisor and the personnel department immediately.
If you test positive for the corona virus, the procedure is the same as described in the question below: “I tested positive for COVID 19 . What do I have to do?”

- It is not permitted to enter the university campus until there is no longer any reason to fear a further spread of the corona virus according to medical judgement or instructions from the Health Department.

I tested positive for COVID 19. What should I do?

- Please report this immediately to your supervisor and to the personnel department (if necessary also to the crisis management team at In addition, the Human Resources Department will contact you in order to trace your chain of contact at the university.

- The existing reporting obligations to the public health department remain unaffected by this.

- The quarantine measures ordered by the responsible public health department must be followed.

- Please inform your supervisor / your superior as well as the Human Resources Department as soon as the isolation/quarantine can be terminated and you can resume your normal duties.

- If you are allowed to perform your work on the move (e.g. in your home office) and have the necessary equipment at your disposal in the event of quarantine, you are also obliged to perform your work in the quarantine. Further details would have to be agreed with your supervisor.

How will I be informed if a corona case occurs at the Hochschule Bremen?

As soon as a case is reported, the chain of contact within the service is - as far as possible - determined by the HSB. The university employees (contact persons) concerned will be informed immediately about further action as soon as the information is available.

The existing reporting obligations to the public health department remain unaffected by this. The quarantine measures ordered by the responsible health authority must be followed.

What do I do if I am planning a business trip?

In view of the continuing risk of infection, missions should also be carried out in the be avoided in the coming months. Deviating from this, in special exceptional cases and under consideration of the personal and operational Interests Missions for important reasons by the superior/the supervisor unless the purpose of the service is also related to the performance of the duties of the can be reached by means of a telephone or video conference.

The following rules must be observed:
Necessary business trips should be limited to day trips. Depending on the destination and the distance involved, an overnight stay is permissible.
The travel expense law applies to the approved business trip. According to this law, the traveler has to justify the business trip in the business trip application and to have the supervisor confirm the existence of the necessary prerequisites for the business trip with a signature. For the use of public transport, the security regulations issued by the Federal Government and the Federal States must be observed.
Persons who are assigned to a risk group must not use their private car is generally permitted. However, it should be noted that, taking into account the distance rules, carpooling is not is allowed.
Business trips abroad, domestic business trips lasting several days and excursions are not permitted until further notice. Exceptions will be decided by the university management, taking into account the general information/travel warnings of the Foreign Office or the Robert Koch Institute, through the usual official channels.

On the basis of the circular of the Senator for Finance (5 i/2020 of 11.06.2020), it is pointed out that, even in the case of private travel, you should contact the general hints/travel warnings of the German Foreign Office or the Robert Koch Institute for Corona areas. In case of illness or official quarantine order as a result of culpable behaviour you must expect to be able to continue their entitlement to statutory and collectively agreed remuneration to lose. Civil servants must, if they behave in this way, be accompanied by disciplinary investigations.

What do I do if schools and daycare centres have been closed by the authorities and I cannot find other care for my underage children?

Because parents are unable to take care of their underage children in need of care themselves due to the loss of childcare and closed schools and are therefore unable to perform their work duties, special leave is granted with continued payment of remuneration.

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and also the State of Lower Saxony have in the meantime extended the possibilities of child care and classes are also starting again.

Against this background, according to current regulations, special leave with continued payment of remuneration can only be granted after a multi-stage examination procedure.

To be granted special leave, the following aspects must first be fulfilled:

  • The kindergarten or school is closed for the respective year groups, there is actually no supervision / no teaching (proof of institution required)
  • An application for emergency care was rejected (proof of institution required)
  • Due to his or her age, the child is constantly dependent on care (after the age of 12, a child can regularly be at home without care on an hourly basis) and no other care is possible

Accumulated overtime hours which exceed the actually permissible flexitime framework (40 hours for full-time employees at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences) are to be used primarily to cover childcare; only after the overtime hours have been reduced can special leave be granted.

Even during special leave for child care, work performance must continue to be provided as far as this is possible in addition to child care. Please consult with your supervisor or manager on this matter.

As in the past, applications for special leave must be submitted through your superior(s), as well as in consultation with the Human Resources Department.

You may wish to cancel or interrupt leave that has already been approved because you wish to take the special leave described above. Cancellation of leave is only possible if you are instead carrying out your official duties on site at the HSB and there is a corresponding need for work performance. In this respect, the requested leave cannot be cancelled because of special leave that is now possible. 

When do I have to submit a medical certificate due to illness?

Until June 15, 2020, it applies that the certificate of incapacity to work will only be requested from the sixth day of incapacity to work if you suffer from flu-like symptoms. The date 15.6.2020 means that the illness ends on this day at the latest.

What happens if I cannot carry out my work at HSB due to an isolation measure?

In this case, you will continue to receive your usual salary, as HSB assumes that you will continue to perform your contractual duties as far as possible.

Will job interviews, in-house commissions still take place?

Yes, as long as the university is not closed due to official orders, the respective departments will ensure that the recommended intervals are observed. The hygiene concept for the implementation of necessary staffing procedures and meetings must be applied.

How are open office hours (e.g. secretariat for students, legal department, human resources department) handled?

Open office hours will no longer be held with immediate effect. Please use the opportunity to ask your questions by e-mail. It is still possible to make separate appointments.

What access rules apply to the university buildings?

Bremen University of Applied Sciences will continue to operate in emergency mode.
Under strict hygiene and protective measures, from 4 May onwards, step by step opportunities will be created for attendance at practical courses which require special laboratory or work rooms at the Hochschule Bremen.

The following applies to examinations that require presence at the University of Applied Sciences: examinations may continue to be held as presence examinations only in justified individual cases with sufficient safety distance and in compliance with general safety and hygiene measures.

What applies to private trips to risk areas?

When travelling privately to risk areas, it is necessary to inform your immediate work area and your supervisor or manager. Even after returning from the risk area, you will remain isolated for 14 days with continued payment of your salary. If you develop symptoms of illness during this period, please contact your family doctor by telephone (see above).



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