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Corona-Virus FAQ for (future) Students

New restrictions: Mouth-nose-cover to be worn also during the classes (November 2nd, 2020)

Rules on the examination procedures in view of the existing restrictions due to measures against the spread of corona virus

Duration of validity: The following rules shall apply for the duration of the restrictions imposed by sovereign acts to contain the spread of the corona virus until revoked.

(Insofar as the following regulations deviate from the provisions of the General Parts of the Bachelor's and Master's examination regulations, this follows from an urgent decision by the Rector in accordance with § 81 Paragraph 6 of the Bremen University Act).

What are the symptoms?

Cough and fever are reported as the most common signs of illness in Germany. However, there are also a number of other signs of illness such as a cold, sore throat, shortness of breath, headaches and aching limbs, as well as general weakness. Various European studies also report an impairment of the sense of smell/taste.

However, the course of the disease is unspecific, diverse and varies greatly. Therefore, no generally valid statements can be made about the "typical" course of the disease.
(Source: Federal Centre for Health Education)

Information on whether you may be affected and what to do can be found in the COVID-19 Orientation Guide for Citizens of the RKI:

How can I protect myself?

For your own protection, but also to avoid the spread of the virus as far as possible, please follow the hygiene recommendations as they are shown on this website and at the entrances and exits on posted posters. They comply with the recommendations of the Federal Centre for Health Education

With these simple, personal hygiene measures you can help to protect yourself and others from contagious infectious diseases.
- Frequent thorough hand washing with soap (at least 20 seconds)
- Keep hands away from face
- Abstaining from shaking hands in greeting
- Coughing and sneezing label (coughing away from other people, sneezing into a disposable handkerchief or into the crook of your arm, not into the palm of your hand)
- Always keep sufficient distance to other persons (min. 1.5m)
- General cleanliness and hygiene of everyday objects and regular airing of rooms (with wide open windows)

What should I do if I am suspected of having a disease or a disease with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2?

In case of symptoms of the disease stay at home in any case!

If any symptoms develop at the HSB, you must leave the university immediately (please inform the responsible staff on site) and seek medical clarification of the suspicion.

If you notice any symptoms of illness, please contact your family doctor by telephone for further medical clarification of your state of health. Outside of the regular consultation hours you can contact the medical on-call service of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bremen (KVHB) (telephone 116 117).

Your doctor will give you further instructions which you must follow.

Coronavirus information hotline for Bremen: Authorities number 115

A justified suspicion or confirmed case of illness must be forwarded to the crisis management team of the HSB at Further necessary measures will be initiated there.

Will examinations still be held?

Please note: For the winter terms 2020/21 there are new examination regulations (only in German):

Written examinations
At present and probably until the resumption of classroom teaching, there are no examinations.

Oral examinations / colloquia on final theses
In principle, no oral examinations are currently held.
In specially justified emergencies, with the agreement of all parties involved, an oral examination can be held as a presence examination in rooms of the university with sufficient safety distance and in compliance with the general safety and hygiene measures.
In such exceptional cases, an oral examination can also be held in the form of a video conference if the necessary technical and data protection requirements are met and all those involved have given their prior consent. Only in urgent emergencies should you contact the chairman of the examination committee responsible for you.

Homework and other written work
Written examination and study work (homework, reports, development work, etc.) can continue to be performed as far as possible in individual cases.

Which contents are relevant for the examination?

For the summer semester 2020 the following applies: Only materials that have been made available to students via e-mail and/or AULIS can be relevant for the exam. Contents of online lectures etc. can only be considered relevant for the examination if it can be proven that all students of the respective module were able to participate in them.

Who do I contact if I cannot meet the deadline due to the current conditions?

If you do not have sufficient access to necessary sources of information  e.g. due to the closure of the Library, and you are unable to meet a submission deadline due to the current situation, please contact your examiner by e-mail.  The examiners are requested to extend the deadline individually.

How can I hand in my term papers and theses?

Until the end of the current special situation, you can submit written examinations in PDF format to the responsible person in due time. Please clarify the desired form of submission (e-mail or upload in Aulis or in the file exchange service) directly with the responsible person.

Bachelor and Master Theses
Bachelor's and Master's theses already begun can be continued and completed.

What if changes will occur in my Bachelor's or Master's thesis (deadline and submission)?

In the case of ongoing Bachelor and Master theses, deadline extensions may be possible upon request and with the consent of the responsible examination committee.
BA/MA theses that must be submitted to the Examinations Office within the deadline should be sent as PDF files if possible. Some faculties offer an upload possibility in Aulis. Please contact your faculty directly if you have any questions.

Withdrawal from Bachelor or Master theses
Should you not be able to complete your Bachelor's or Master's thesis as planned due to the measures imposed to combat the spread of the corona virus, you have the option of withdrawing from your Bachelor's or Master's thesis without crediting an examination attempt. In this case, please submit your written declaration of withdrawal to the Matriculation and Examination Office, stating the subject of the thesis and the examiners you intend to use. After a withdrawal, a new application with a different topic is required for the later preparation of a new Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

No subsequent withdrawal from examination performances
If you perform an examination by submitting a written paper, this counts as an examination attempt. It is not possible to withdraw from the examination after submission of the examination paper by citing the Corona crisis.

Specialist practical exercises and work placements that require special laboratory and work rooms can be resumed under special hygiene and protective measures. If you have to interrupt an internship, cannot start it, are on short-time work or have to work in your home office, please contact the person responsible in your degree programme and the chairperson of your examination board. Due to the different framework conditions in the degree programmes, no uniform HSB regulations are given.

Semester abroad - Substitution of benefits:
The substitution of examination performances to be completed abroad must be agreed directly between the students and the responsible examination board. In principle, the learning objectives should be pursued as stipulated in the learning agreement. It is of secondary importance whether students work or study at home or online, in the host country or in their home country.

Where do I turn for questions concerning the course of study?

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact the programme director.

Counting the semesters - study accounts
If your study time is extended because examination papers could not or cannot be taken due to the Corona Pandemic, the semester counting with regard to your study account will be suspended. There are no disadvantages for your free student account. In this case, the summer semester 2020 will not be counted as a used semester.

Certificates and certificates of incapacity to work
For the period of validity of these special regulations, the presentation of the usually required certificates can be waived for individual applications (e.g. extension, withdrawal, hardship, compensation for disadvantages). In the case of applications with long-term effects, these may be requested at a later date. However, the applications must still be justified.

How are open office hours (study guidance, legal office) dealt with?

Open office hours will no longer be available with immediate effect. Please use the opportunity to ask your questions by e-mail.
It is still possible to make separate appointments.

What access rules apply to the university buildings?

Hochschule Bremen will continue to operate in emergency mode.
Under strict hygiene and protective measures, from 4 May onwards, step by step opportunities will be created for attendance at practical courses which require special laboratory or work rooms at the Hochschule Bremen.

The following applies to examinations that require presence at Hochschule Bremen: examinations may continue to be held as presence examinations only in justified individual cases with sufficient safety distance and in compliance with general safety and hygiene measures.

When do I have to wear a mouth-nose cover at the university?

Wearing a mouth-nose-cover is obligatory in all areas including the corridors in the work areas, in the waiting areas in front of the entrances as well as after entering the HSB buildings. Since November 2nd, students and lecturers have to wear mouth-nose covers also during classes. (This does not apply to persons who are subject to special regulations due to health impairments.)

What do I do if I have had contact with a person infected with the Corona virus?

If you have had contact with a confirmed infected person, contact your doctor or the medical on-call service immediately by telephone. To minimise the risk of infection, do not go directly to a doctor's surgery.
Your doctor or the medical on-call service will give you further instructions.

Further information

I am currently completing a semester abroad at HSB. Do I have to be in Bremen if I can only study online? Will there still be classroom courses such as lectures/courses/examinations at the university this semester?

Unfortunately, the development of the corona pandemic is not foreseeable - neither in Germany nor in any other country in the world. That is why we cannot tell you whether and to what extent you can still experience a "normal" course of study at HSB this semester.
We would be pleased if you stay; but we also understand if you would prefer to return to your home country and family in this special situation.
With regard to your studies, we will work with you to find solutions as to how you can still take part in examinations and acquire ECTS points in this case.
Since every situation is very different, we ask you to discuss directly with your teachers and examiners how you can
courses and which form of examination is best for you.
If you have any further questions about your current study situation or need assistance in making arrangements with your lecturers, please contact the coordinator in the Department International Office in your faculty.

Am I allowed to record video-supported courses of the Hochschule Bremen?

Clear answer: No. In the case of video-supported courses at Hochschule Bremen, only notes may be taken in order to be able to process the course.

It is not permitted to record the event in whole or in part by means of sound recordings, image recordings, video recordings or the like, regardless of the duration of the storage and the type of intended use. It is also not permitted to record the event for personal use only.

Please note that unauthorized recording includes copyright infringement. You may also violate the general personal rights of the lecturers and other persons participating in the event. Unauthorized sound recording is punishable under § 201 of the German Criminal Code.

If you do not observe the prohibition of recording, you must expect to be liable to financial compensation claims and injunctive relief, and possibly also criminal prosecution.

Due to school or KiTa closures, I have less time for my studies, as I am looking after my child/children. How does HSB support me during this time?

The care of your children comes first. It is important to the HSB that studying parents do not have to fear any disadvantages in their studies due to the Corona Pandemic. Since the situation of studying parents varies greatly from one individual to another, we ask you to discuss directly with your teachers and examiners how best to follow the courses. Whether you can switch to other forms of examination or, for example, postpone examination and submission dates, should also be the subject of an individual agreement. If you have further questions about your current study situation or need assistance in making arrangements with your teachers, please contact the Family Office for Students at the Central Student Advisory Office. Your contact person Elena Bahloul can be reached by e-mail at; you are also welcome to make an appointment for a telephone consultation.

What changes have I made with regard to my BAFöG entitlement? Can I apply for BAFöG if my income situation or that of my parents changes?

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has stipulated that "Students, pupils who are dependent on benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) should not suffer any financial disadvantages if lectures or lessons at your training institution are temporarily cancelled or the start of the semester is postponed completely due to the COVID 19 pandemic. You can find further information here.

When does the BAföG support begin, in relation to the winter semester 2020/2021?

In this exceptional situation caused by the pandemic, education support for the coming 2020/2021 winter semester will be provided from the beginning of the semester in which enrollment begins, i.e., from September.

The reason for this exceptional decision is the postponement of the lecture-free periods and the delayed start of lecture operations at many universities nationwide.

This pandemic-related regulation by the Federal Ministry now allows many first-year students to receive BAföG as early as September, even though lectures do not start until November 2 and preliminary courses are not scheduled until October.

This regulation will initially only apply to the winter semester 2020/2021.

Can I still borrow books from the libraries?

From 4 May, media lending will again be possible at the Neustadtswall and Werderstraße locations. In order to implement the prescribed hygiene regulations, collection is only possible on a fixed date. The media are not made available in the library itself but in the foyer of the respective location. Please order the desired titles by e-mail to:

The central office on the university campus will also be accessible again for a limited number of visitors. The stay will be limited for one hour and will be used exclusively for contactless borrowing and return and for copying reference literature (e.g. journal articles).

In this way, we want to support especially those students who need to access printed literature in the current digital semester that cannot be obtained digitally.

Furthermore, we will continue to supply copies of articles by e-mail.

We have summarized all information for reading on our homepage.

How can I use the services of the Psychological Counselling Centre in the current situation?

Due to the current corona situation, the Psychological Counseling Center offers exclusively telephone counseling until further notice. We ask for your understanding (as 4 May 2020). Tips for dealing with corona times can be found here and here.

Will the semester fee be reduced in view of the high proportion of online teaching?

The Hochschule Bremen understands the concern to reduce the semester fees in the current situation. However, we have no influence on the amount of the semester fees, and in particular we cannot waive or reduce them on our own authority.

The semester fee is made up of the contribution to administrative costs, which is determined by the Bremen University Law, the contribution for the student council (including the semester ticket), which is the responsibility of the student council, and the contribution for the Studierendenwerk, which is determined by the administrative council of the Studierendenwerk through the contribution regulations.

If the semester fee is not paid or not paid in the required amount, the university might not accept your re-registration for your studies. You could appeal against this measure, but the university would have to reject it, because according to the Bremen University Act, the university may only re-register after payment of the semester fee.



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