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This course combines rapidly growing engineering fields, each one of them of increasing economic and technical importance and gaining influence in all areas of everyday life:


* Microsystems Engineering
* Measurement & Instrumentation
* Communication Systems Engineering


These three engineering disciplines are seen as key technologies of the 21st century.


The postgraduate degree course Electronics Engineering aims at providing further qualifications at high level regarding knowledge and methods in the respective scientific areas of:


* Microelectronics, microsystems, materials and laser micro-processing
* Automated test and measurement, signal processing, optical technologies, laser systems and measurement instrumentation
* Wireless-, satellite-, underwater- and fiber optic communication systems and networks


The organisation of the course allows a specialisation in one of these fields, called "course profiles".

The faculty offers an excellent theoretical and application-oriented technical education in laboratories with state-of-the-art high-tech equipment. Instructions in small groups combined with project-oriented laboratory work create a stimulating learning environment. Cooperative projects with partners in relevant companies as well as research and development projects in our own laboratories guarantee an extensive training in engineering skills as well as business studies and soft skills.


The respective course profiles focussing on one of the three engineering fields are modularized. Credits according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are allocated to each module. The course involves a total student work load of 90 credits for three semesters. It consists of two taught semesters followed by one semester reserved for the Master‘s Thesis. Thesis work can be completed in industry or in the university laboratories. Language of instruction is English, language modules are offered as part of the curriculum. An academic advisor assigned to each student will assist in selection of modules and provide general academic guidance.

New study option
International Double Degree Master Study Program Engineering and Management of Space Systems (EMSS)


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