Dear international students,

Some of the modules open for enrolment to all Hochschule Bremen students – including international exchange students – are conducted in English. Some of you might have come across the term General Studies in this context.

As an international student, you find additional options aside from your faculty courses here. Please find the list of modules that are offered this semester below. The topics include Organizational Behaviour, General Management, Intercultural Communication, Research Methods and Academic Writing, Job Applications in Germany as well as Presentation Skills. Click on the chosen topic and follow the link 'Anmeldung' in order to register online. You will earn 3 or 6 credits for the modules (equivalent to 30 or 60 teaching hours). The credits and all further information are stated in the respective course descriptions.

If a course status shows "belegt" (= fully booked) you can still register for it. You will then be added to the waiting list and be informed should a place become available. Also, we get an overview about the demand and can maybe organise additional courses.

If "belegt" is displayed for individual workshops, you can still register. You will then end up on the waiting list and will be informed if you can move up. In addition, we get an overview of existing interest and can set up further appointments if necessary.

If you can't see the registration inside the module descriptions, please contact


  1. VANR: 11252

    General Management Studies (for non-business students)

    • 17.04.2023
    • de Beaufort

    Status: Anfrage

  2. VANR: 11248

    Organizational Behaviour

    • 22.04.2023
    • Beckhusen

    Status: Anfrage

  3. VANR: 11247

    Research Methods and Academic Writing

    • 25.04.2023
    • Laine-Naida

    Status: Anfrage

  4. VANR: 11249

    Intercultural Competence and Communication

    • 27.04.2023
    • Musundi-Beez

    Status: Anfrage

  5. VANR: 11251

    Job Applications in Germany - Procedures and Opportunities

    • 05.05.2023
    • Phillips

    Status: Anfrage