This is what I am looking forward to when I think about the future:

I am really looking forward to live in a more safe global society with regard to women, LGTBQ+ community and racial and cultural minorities.

These wishes I have for my future:

I would really like governments and big companies/ institutions to have finally taken serious action on climate change by implementing realistic sustainability policies along with environmental protecting perspectives for future challenges.
At the same time I wish society finally finds its way to inclusivity and actual equality between citizens despite their gender, ethniticy or sexual preferences.

This worries me:

One of my biggest worries is ending up being part of a society where discomfort and lack of understanding due in part to polarization eventually leads to indiference for political issues. We have to protect ourselves from falling into having all the same speech and, instead keep a critical spirit and building a personal opinion we can share with ones that might disagree.

I think this is what the world needs in these times:

I believe that global society should take action in attaching and leading a public dialogue between the polarized population in order to lighten the mood among groups that think differently

This is what I have specifically planned:

For me, the solution for the planet comes mostly from specific policies targeting big companies that (let´s be clear) are responsible for most of the pollution existing nowadays, combined with individual concern and personal changes in daily dynamics and activities that would make a big difference if we all made an effort.

When I loose my inner balance this is helping me:

As in my case, I take politics and social affairs really personal, it is not rare to me to get overwhelmed when I see things are not going in the direction I would like them to go. So, whenever I feel anxious or distressed I focus on taking time for myself and my mental health by disconnecting with a good series or revising an instagram account called "goodnews_movement" dedicated to inspirational and hopeful news for those in need of some positive feedback

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