During the process of food structure processing in mouth, multiple physico-chemical processes occur leading to the sensing of taste, aroma and texture stimuli. Ultimately, a time-dependent dynamic sensory perception is created with every bite and depends on the initial characteristics of the ingested food piece.

We demonstrate that food structures can be designed for optimum release of stimuli, so that both hedonic and nutritional benefits can be delivered. This includes for example the design of new sensory experiences in indulgent categories, the discovery of targets for age appropriate textural solutions and the reduction of PHSNs using innovative product architectures.

We illustrate on the example of individual chocolate pieces, how initial piece architecture induces differences in heat- and mass transfer processes leading to differentiated patterns of oral melting, aroma release and ultimately sensory perception.

We present research how age-related changes of chewing motor coordination and control can be identified in infants and toddlers, and how these changes are associated with the differing structural properties of solid foods, emergence of teeth, or bite force.

We demonstrate how mass transfer processes are involved in taste signaling at several scales. During food oral breakdown, taste compounds are released from the food structure and need to cross the oral mucus layer to ultimately reach the taste receptor cells embedded in complex physiological structures in the tongue tissue. The kinetics of this mass transfer process is governed by convection and diffusion. A classical dimensional analytical approach will be presented showing that a time-dependent delivery of taste concentration patterns to the oral cavity can be employed to enhance taste perception.

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Prof. Dr. Christoph Hartmann, Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne

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