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Coronavirus: Latest information on measures taken by HSB

last updated: 2020-06-26

Corona-Virus FAQ for Employees

Corona-Virus FAQ
for Employees
Corona-Virus FAQ for Students

Corona-Virus FAQ
for (future) Students

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Message of 25 June 2020

Modification of the Urgent decision on the framework conditions for the examination operation of the Hochschule Bremen in the summer semester 2020 from April 17, 2020
In an emergency decision of 17 April 2020, the framework conditions for the examination schedule of the university in the summer semester 2020. The The Academic Senate has confirmed this decision. With regard to the interim developments and new findings to disseminate the Corona virus, the conditions established by this Decision shall be complied with modified. The regulations concerning sections "(b) Extension of the catalogue of forms of examination" as well as "oral examinations" are held by means of Urgent decision under Section 81(6) of the BremHG by the following regulation replaced. The scope is extended to cover the
repeat examinations, which take place after the end of the summer semester and are can be carried out. The decision is necessary because the Academic Senate is not expected to meet until next winter semester.

b) Attendance courses/attendance examinations
In order to minimise the risk of infection for staff and students, the College pursues students the goal of an as far as possible presence-free and contactless Study. Accordingly, the courses and Examinations not normally held as attendance events or attendance examinations can be carried out. This can be done according to the decision of the responsible Examination boards may be derogated from in exceptional cases where alternative forms of events and examinations due to special circumstances not for are available or cannot be applied in individual cases, or can only be produced at unjustifiable expense. Become attendance events or examinations in exceptional cases, the 'Hygiene concept SARS-CoV-2 for the implementation of presence tests in Summer Semester 2020' of the Hochschule Bremen in its current Version Application.

The forms of examination pursuant to § 7 AT-BPO/AT-MPO may be replaced by other, in particular digitally supported forms of examination in the summer semester 2020. The catalogue of examination forms for the module examinations may be extended accordingly. The decision on the extension of the forms of examination shall be made by the respective examination board on the recommendation of the course directors. The decisions of the examination board that affect a degree programme as a whole should be documented in writing and sent to the Matriculation and Examination Office for internal university publication.

The examination form "Written work under supervision" (written exam) can be taken according to decision of the selection board may also be replaced by a digital supported written examination in a limited time with defined aids without supervision in a closed group set up for the test the learning platform AULIS (1 ). The participants of the exam can withdraw from the exam during the exam without affecting the number of exam attempts. It is not possible to withdraw from the exam after the exam performance has been submitted (upload). The examination performance will be evaluated (2).

Oral examinations shall normally be held as individual examinations using a videoconferencing system. Preferably, this should be done on university servers installed open-source systems can be used. Alternatively, only systems licensed by the university (3) can be used for all digitally supported examinations. For digitally supported tests must be made available on request to all parties concerned by showing a official identity card. A record of the tests is not permissible. The obligation to log according to the general Auditing provisions remain unaffected.

Scope of application This decision is valid for all examinations which are held during the summer semester 2020, including the associated repeat examinations, which may be offered after the end of the semester. It also includes the examinations that could not be held in the winter semester 2019/20 due to the corona pandemic and which will be made up for in the summer semester.

The urgent decision is valid until 30 September 2020; an adjustment or The right of revocation is reserved.

Bremen, June 25, 2020
The rector of the
Hochschule Bremen - University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey
Message of 30 April 2020

From 4 May: The Bremen University of Applied Sciences remains in emergency operation
Dear students, dear employees and lecturers,

the current resolutions of the federal and state governments of 15 April 2020 on initial easing of restrictions in connection with the containment of the corona pandemic also affect colleges and universities. Initially, the following applies: Bremen University of Applied Sciences will continue to operate in emergency mode.

Under strict hygiene and protective measures, step by step opportunities for attendance at practical events will be created, step by step, from 4 May at the earliest, which necessarily and inevitably require special laboratory or work rooms at the Hochschule Bremen.

The following applies to examinations which require presence at the University of Applied Sciences: examinations may continue to be held as presence examinations only in justified individual cases with sufficient safety distance and in compliance with general safety and hygiene measures.

These measures are implemented in the faculties under strict observance of the hygiene regulations. However, any attendance teaching formats going beyond this (e.g. teaching and learning in small groups) remain prohibited. The protection of the health of all participants has absolute priority.

In general, access to the university buildings will continue to be very limited. The relevant distance and hygiene regulations must continue to be observed. This means that presence formats will continue to be impossible in teaching.
We know that this time is associated with great challenges for you. Therefore, we do everything in our power to offer you the best possible solutions. Priority is given in all our efforts to help contain the pandemic.

We thank you for your support in overcoming this crisis and your confidence in the university.

We wish you all the best and stay healthy!

University Management
Message of 17 April 2020

Emergency operation at Bremen University of Applied Sciences extended until 4 May 2020
In connection with the resolution of the Federal Government and the State Governments of 15 April 2020 and in coordination with the Science Department and the other universities in the State, it was determined that the ongoing emergency operation at Bremen University of Applied Sciences would be extended until 4 May 2020.
A concept is to be drawn up by the end of April in order to decide on how to continue university operations in the State of Bremen after this date.
Hochschule Bremen switches to emergency operation
Ladies and gentlemen, dear students,
the universities of the State of Bremen will go into emergency operation from 24 March. Only the most urgent areas of responsibility will be maintained on site. This has been agreed upon by the Senator for Science and Ports, Dr. Claudia Schilling, and the rectorates of Bremen's state universities. The measure is to last until 19 April 2020.
Schilling: "This measure is necessary in order to further slow down the spread of the coronavirus and prevent infections. We have decided to shut down on-site operations to such an extent that general service operations are reduced to the absolutely necessary minimum and later resumption of operations is possible without problems".
That is:
- All courses will remain as classroom courses, digitally supported formats and similar solutions will be maintained as far as this is possible in accordance with the relevant general regulations.
- For the time being, examinations should only be held as attendance examinations in justified individual cases and in compliance with the relevant general rulings. Digitally supported examination formats are still possible.
- Research operations in the buildings of the universities will be discontinued. It can only be continued in justified individual cases and if this is possible in accordance with the relevant general directives.
- General service operations will be reduced to the minimum necessary to ensure the operational safety of the facilities and to continue to implement necessary personnel and financial management tasks.
With these measures, Bremen is acting in line with other federal states, which have also reduced the presence at the universities to a minimum.

For Hochschule Bremen this means in concrete terms
- The university buildings will be completely closed from 24 March to 19 April 2020. This also applies to workshops and laboratories.
- The services of the HSB will be reduced to the absolutely necessary extent.
- Teaching will continue with online services. Which regulations apply for students' stays abroad, for handing in homework, for examinations and other things, and who in the faculties is to be contacted for the respective questions, can be found on the university homepage in the FAQ list, which is constantly updated - also in English.
- You are also requested to keep yourself informed via your mail account and the university website.

We ask for your understanding for these measures and wish you all the best for the future. Stay healthy!

With best regards
Your university administration

News from 2020-03-18

Dear students,

until the end of the current situation, you can submit written examination papers (theses, term papers, etc.) in PDF format to the relevant person in due time. Please clarify the desired form of submission (e-mail or upload in Aulis or in the file exchange service) directly with the responsible person.
Theses that have to be submitted to the Examination Office should be sent by e-mail as PDF files if possible. If you submit the thesis to the faculty or the supervisor additionally send an e-mail to the Examination Office, stating when and how you submitted your thesis.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pawlik
VP for Academic Affairs
Attendance courses now suspended until 19 April 2020
News from 2020-03-12

Dear students,

In view of the further spread of the corona virus, I would like to inform you about the measures established by the Bremen University of Applied Sciences to reduce potential risks. The relevant specifications were made on the basis of the hygiene and isolation measures formulated by the crisis team of the Public Health Office and in close cooperation with the Senatorial Authority for Science and Ports. The aim is to ensure that you are not disadvantaged by the current situation and the measures required.

- On the part of the Science Authority it has been ordered that at Bremen University of Applied Sciences - as at the other Bremen universities - the attendance courses will be suspended with immediate effect until 19 April 2020.

- The acceptance of examinations during this period should be guaranteed in principle and under careful risk assessment. The faculties will provide information on this.
- Excursions will be suspended until further notice.
- In the case of ongoing Bachelor and Master theses, time extensions should be possible in consultation with the supervisors.

If you have any questions concerning your study programme, please contact the respective contact person of your faculty by e-mail:
- Faculty 1: Programme Coordinator
- Faculty 2: For questions concerning the study programme, the respective programme directors are responsible.
For questions regarding the extension of the processing times for Bachelor's or Master's theses, please contact the respective examination board chairpersons.
- Faculty 3: For questions concerning the study programme, the respective programme directors are responsible.
For questions regarding the extension of the processing times for Bachelor's or Master's theses, please contact the respective examination board chairpersons.
- Faculty 4: Course directors
- Faculty 5: Dept. 1: Prof. Dr. Hennigs and Prof. Dr. Grendel; Dept. 2: Course Directors
- Institute for Academic Continuing Education (IWW) with International Graduate Center (IGC) and Professional School: Course Directors

Exchange students: please contact your HSB Departmental International Office
The university will adapt quickly and professionally to the respective situation and inform you comprehensively about everything else by e-mail and on the homepage. As a student, you are obliged to follow the relevant information which you will receive by "stud-mail" and which is continuously updated on the university homepage.

On the following internet page you will find information that is regularly updated and reports on developments in the situation:

The City of Bremen has opened a central Corona Outpatient Clinic for patients with a referral.

If you feel you are developing the corona-typical symptoms like fever, cough or difficulty in breathing, please follow this procedure:

- consult your doctor or the medical on-call service by telephone to clarify whether a disease caused by the corona virus is reasonably likely (for example, contact with a confirmed case).
- The doctor must first send the necessary referral for the person who is ill.
- Appointments with the Corona Outpatient Clinic can only be made by telephone. To do this, please call the clinic's switchboard on telephone number 497-0 and have yourself connected to the Corona Outpatient Clinic.
- Sick people should not travel to the Corona Outpatient Clinic by public transport.

If you are not sure about the procedure or don’t have access to a doctor, please contact the

Info-Hotline Coronavirus: 0421 115

and ask for instructions on how to get a referral to the Corona Outpatient Clinic.

If possible, have a German-speaking friend or buddy accompany you through this procedure.

I ask for your understanding for these precautionary measures. If you have any further university-related questions on the topic of "Corona", please use the e-mail address:
With best regards

Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey

veröffentlicht am 2020-03-12 16:40



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