Projektleitung Wittmaier, Martin, Prof. Dr.
Durchführende Organisation externe Einrichtung, Institut für Energie und Kreislaufwirtschaft an der Hochschule Bremen GmbH
Projekttyp Drittmittelprojekt (Zuwendung)
Mittel- bzw. Auftragsgeber EU und sonstige internationale Organisationen, Europäische Union (EU)
Förder- bzw. Auftragssumme 92.363,50 €
Laufzeit 07/2007 - 03/2009
Forschungscluster Region im Wandel

Countries in the Southeast Asian region, like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, are in a state of rapid transition and it can be assumed that the environmental sector, including fields like integrated waste management, the production of energy from renewable sources, integrated product policy, etc. will undergo a rapid increase in importance in the near future. In order to be able to adopt serious measures to ensure environmentally sound production of goods and effective disposal of waste streams without hindering economic growth, experts educated and trained in integrated solutions for waste and energy issues are needed. The project aims at raising environmental awareness, promoting possible solutions to the waste problem by using integrated waste systems and thus meeting market requirements by the development of education modules and tools on integrated waste management. Furthermore, training courses will be held in the Asian partner countries in order to provide knowledge on integrated solutions to environmental problems. The target group are students of higher education programmes and teaching staff as well as undergraduate students, stakeholders, engineers and managers working in the environmental sector. The main activities of the consortium of five Asian and four European partners will be preparing and developing curricula, education modules and tools, case studies, course syllabuses and multimedia materials; preparing workshops and training courses; implementing workshops and training courses for the nominated participants from the participating Asian universities; and integrating all resulting material in the handbook, e-learning and distance learning.