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Guest Auditors and Auditing Students

Guest Auditors (Gasthöhrer)

Applicants who are not registered students can be admitted as guest auditors to attend particular lectures or classes in the scope of a further education measure, or for the duration of one semester, provided that the studies of regular and auditing students are not disturbed. An admission as a guest auditor does not include the privilege of taking examinations.

Prospective guest auditors are asked to submit their applications to the office of the academic registrar at Bremen University for Applied Sciences.

The admission of guest auditors will be decided upon after consultation with the faculty in charge of the academic course or lecture chosen by the applicant.

Guest auditors will receive a certificate of participation in the course or lecture they attended. Attendance of academic courses or lectures is subject to the payment of fee, the amount of which is regulated pursuant to the Guest Auditor Fee Ordinance of Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

At present, this fee amounts to

  • for one module or up to 4 hours per week per semester (SWS): 75 euros
  • for two modules or up to 8 hours per week per semester (SWS): 150 euros

This fee shall be increased, if

a) it fails to cover the actual costs
b) expendable materials are used,
c) special equipment or infrastructures are used.

The fee is payable upon issue of invoice.

If the applicant is able to bring forward verifiable social reasons Bremen University of Applied Sciences may decide upon a reduction of the payable fee or forego any claims of fees altogether. The application must be submitted at the same time as the application for admission as a guest auditor.

Auditing students (Nebenhörer)

Students who are affiliated with another university can be admitted to certain academic courses for the duration of one semester, provided that this does not interfere with the studies of the regular student body. An enrollment certificate proving the applicant student's university registration at another university must be submitted with the application for admission. The application must also include the name of the academic course chosen. The decision upon admission as an auditing student proceeds after consultations with the faculty in charge of the academic course or lecture chosen. In the scope of the academic courses to which they are admitted, auditing students are entitled to do (preliminary) work acknowledged as achievement/performance for an examination.



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