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Hans-Heinrich Bass: Curriculum Vitae

Since 2000 Professor of International Economics, Department of Nautical Sciences and International Business and Economics (since 2008: Faculty of Business and Economics), Bremen University of Applied Sciences         

Director, International Degree Course in Economics (since 2000) 

Courses taught:    
International Economics, Foreign Trade and Investment Policies, International Economic Integration, Labor Market Policies, Innovation Policies, Global Economic History, International Business, Development Economics, and Empirical Social Research

Co-Director, Institute for Transport and Devlopment (ITD, founded in 2010)  

Director or Co-Director of various funded research projects, including

  • Curriculum Development for a Summer School "Fair Trade" (commissioned and funded by Verein zur Förderung der Internationalen Hochschulkooperation, 2011)
  • Repercussions of new commodity-based financial market products on nutrition in Haiti, Kenya, Mali, and Nepal (Deutsche Welthungerhilfe)
  • Potentials and problems of processing and marketing of cashew, karité and indigenous fruits: Towards the promotion of agro-industries in West Africa (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation  and Ministry for Education and Research)
  • City of the Future - The Future of Cities. Problems and Perspectives of Sustainable Urban Transport in Germany and Vietnam (Ministry for Education and Research)
  • Options and Constraints of Economic Policy in Small European Economies in the Context of Globalization (Bremen University of Applied Sciences; Ministry for Education and Research)
  • Labor Market Reforms in Japan and Their Impact on Structural Unemployment (the NAIRU) (as a Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Germany and Poland (Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany)
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Global Competition for Innovation Leadership (Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, and German Federal Reserve Bank)
  • Environmental and Social Issues in International Economic Relations (Bremen University of Applied Sciences and German Confederation of Trade Unions)
  • Repercussions of German Direct Investment in China on Energy Use and Climate (World Wide Fund For Nature, WWF)

Additional responsibilities have included:

  • Visiting Professor (Development Economics), Jacobs University Bremen
  • Guest Professor, Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Moscow
  • Consultant to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) on Agro-Industry Development and Perspectives in Mali 
  • Referee and Mentor ("Vertrauensdozent") of Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, since 2011 appointed member of the National Selection Committee of the Study Support Program of Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation 
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Northwest German Museum of Industrial Culture, Delmenhorst
  • since 2000 Course coordinator for international exchange (with Universities in Eastern Europe, the US, Japan, and Africa)

2000   Offered a professorship for Economics, especially International Economics (C3) at Bremen University of Applied Sciences (accepted)

2000   Offered a professorship for International Economics (C2) at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (declined)

1994-1999    Assistant Professor (C1), Department of Economics, University of Bremen; main areas of research: African Development Perspectives and East Asian Economics. Supervisor: Professor Karl Wohlmuth. Additional responsibilities included:

  • Visiting Professor, Jiaotong University Xi'an / China
  • Managing Director of an elective program in East Asian Economics
  • Visiting Professor, Aichi-University Toyohashi / Japan
  • Director of a funded research project on Corporate Social Responsibility of German companies in China (commissioned and funded by Heinrich Böll Foundation)
  • Co-editor, African Development Perspectives Yearbook

1993 – 1994    Senior Researcher and Senior Lecturer, Small Enterprise Promotion and Training Programme (SEPT) (for students from developing countries, especially Nigeria, Vietnam, and Kenya), University of Bremen; supervisor Professor Ullrich Böhm. Additional responsibilities included:

  • Visiting Lecturer, University of Benin, Benin City / Nigeria, and National Centre for Management and Administration (NCMA), Ibadan / Nigeria
  • Director of a funded research project on the Human Rights conditionality of German development aid for Kenya (commissioned and funded by German NGOs, including Misereor and terre des hommes)

1993   Employment as Assistant Controller with Kredietbank-Bankverein AG, Brussels

1992   Lecturer, University of Bremen (Development Economics) and Bremen University of Applied Sciences (East Asian Economics)

1990-1991    Researcher, Institute for World Economics and International Management, Research Group on African Development Per­spectives, University of Bremen; supervisor: Professor Karl Wohlmuth

1990   Doctorate in Economic and Social Sciences awarded ("magna cum laude") by the University of Münster; dissertation supervisor: Professor Richard H. Tilly

1985-1989    Post graduate studies at the University of Muenster (Social and Economic History, Chinese Studies) and at the University of Bremen (Interdisciplinary Post Graduate Study Programme on Developing Countries, under Professor Dieter Senghaas and Professor Robert Kappel)

1985-1989   Employment as an academic guide of study tours in China with China Tours GmbH, Berlin, and Marco Polo Reisen GmbH, Kronsberg/Ts

1983-1984    Lecturer at Tongji-University, Shanghai / China, Technical and Natural Science Graduate School (Yubei Bu); commissioned by the German Cultural Institute (Goethe-Institut)

1981-1983    Lecturer at the German Cultural Institute (Goethe-Institut), Munich; focus projects included a training program for Singaporean engineers (in co-operation with Deutsche Stiftung für Internationale Entwicklung, DSE, Mannheim), and a training program for Libyan students

1982   Sabbatical: Participating in Kibbutz Merchavia / Israel (worked as a volunteer / agricultural laborer); Auroville Ashram, Tamil Nadu / India; and Campaign Coffee, Edinburgh / Scotland (worked in a "fair trade" organization)

1980   Professional education for aspirant lecturers ("Dozentenanwärter") at the German Cultural Institute (Goethe-Institut zur Pflege der deutschen Sprache im Ausland und zur Förderung der internationalen kulturellen Zusammenarbeit), Munich focusing on applied linguistics, management of cultural exchange, and foreign cultural policies ("auswärtige Kulturpolitik"), including training modules in Freiburg / Brsg. (didactics) and Amsterdam / The Netherlands (management of cultural exchange)

1978-1979    Community Service as a conscientious objector: Seamen’s Mission Bremen (social work)

1978   M.A. in Economics (Diplom-Volkswirt: grade "gut"), University of Münster. Theses on "Workers and Working Conditions in the German Construction Industry, 1850-1914"

1972-1978    Study of economics (under Professors Erik Böttcher, Manfred Borchert, Heribert Meffert, Jochen Schumann, and Herbert Timm), economic and social history (under Professor Richard H. Tilly), and cultural anthropology (under Professors Rüdiger Schott on Africa and Ulrich Köhler on Meso-America) at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster

1972   School Leaving Certificate (Abitur) of Leibniz-Gymnasium, Dortmund (grade: very good, 1.3) and Latin Language Certificate of Proficiency ("Großes Latinum”: "gut" )

1960-1972    Schooling in Dortmund: Stiftsschule (Primary School, 4 years, 1960-64), Albrecht-Dürer-Realschule (Secondary Modern School, 1 year, 1964-65), Leibniz-Gymnasium (High School focused on mathematics and natural sciences, 7 years, 1965-72)

1954   April 1, born in Kamen / Westphalia, Germany



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