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12 steps towards your job

You have probably heard that  60-70% of jobs come from networks. Moreover, many employers seek in job applicants the ability to verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization. Networking is a great way of showing that you have this ability! But establishing and maintaining a good network is much more than a tool to search for jobs.  A good network can be a source of inspiration and knowledge, it brings you in touch with interesting people and may make your live more colorful and meaningful. 
Starting your career in Germany 
Start your networking with your current contacts, but look for possibilities to meet others as well. Especially international students who lack some of the resources national students have, can benefit from making a clear attempt to meet new people in the new environment. Making new contacts will enrich both your private and professional lives. Reaching out to others will not only help you to master the challenges of living a cross-cultural life, it could also support you in feeling at home in the new environment. 

While  nothing beats meeting people in person, social media is a powerful tool as well. Have you updated your profiles on LinkedIn or Xing recently? Are you contributing to discussion professionally? Are you branding yourself online?

Here are some questions for you:

  • Are you keeping in touch with people?
  • Do you actively build relationships with others, in- and outside of the university?
  • Which groups could you possibly join?
  • Which conferences should you attend?
  • How can you reach out to others?
  • Where can you meet interesting people? 
  • Which could be interesting networking events in Bremen, the region or beyond?  Look out for recruiting events, career fairs, conferences, public lectures or events.
  • Could you possibly join an alumni organization or a professional organization in your field?

Also, becoming a volunteer could be a great step to do something meaningful, get to know the city and meet interesting people. Whatever you do, take the initiative to get in touch with people. 

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