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Why bother about German small and medium-sized companies?
Read our interview with Human Resource Manager Martin Damm to learn about the hidden values of the German Mittelstand. SMEs are the backbone of the German industry and offer approximately 70% of all jobs in Germany, a great place to start searching for jobs!

What is understood by the term ‘German medium-sized company’? 
German companies whose structure is characterized by quick decision-making processes, close proximity to the customer, avoidance of political influence, and hands-on mentality. 
Why should I, as an international student, be interested in this type of company? Aren’t global players more important?

Because German medium-sized companies are the innovators of the German economy. In addition, you, as an individual in a medium-sized company can influence and achieve a lot and thus leave your own footprint. 
What are the advantages for applicants at medium-sized companies?   
Employees are individually recognized as persons. They receive more comprehensive tasks and greater freedom to make decisions. the full interview....

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