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There are many ways to find your dream job in Germany. Check out different job portals, upload your C.V. and learn about new opportunities. Alternatively, you may want to research companies in your field which promise to be interesting. Use your research skills for your own good! And just as important, network to meet people, make new connections, and be pro-active.

A good place to meet employers from all over the world is not so far away: Every year, the industrial fair Hannover Messe attracts companies from all over the world, a great chance to learn about the latest developments and the future of work and to chat with people. Similarily, career fairs are great opportunities to learn more about companies in the region and beyond. Check out, for example, the annual Praxis Börse at the University of Bremen (April 25, 2019).

To give you the details about Bremen, we asked Dr. Ulrich Hautau from the Chamber of Commerce to answer our questions.
Where can I learn about employment opportunities?
Interview with Dr. Ulrich Hautau, Chamber of Commerce, Bremen

Bremen is the sixth largest industrial location in Germany; a compact city with short traveling times and a high standard of living as well as affordable rental rates for housing and real estate prices. If you take the cost of living into account, you will quickly notice that you can earn good money in Bremen. With respect to this, we do not have to hide behind other large German cities.
Shipping, ports and high-tech shipbuilding are naturally the classic industries for a maritime location, such as Bremen and Bremerhaven. In addition, the worldwide second largest automobile factory from Mercedes-Benz is located here – with over 12,500 employees, the largest private company in the region. Besides the maritime and automotive industries, wind energy and aerospace belong to important fields of economic activity. The food and beverage industry is also notable. No other city in Europe has such a variety of products and trademarks in this field of industry as in Bremen and Bremerhaven.
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