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Six steps to succeed
How to find your perfect job fit?
After completing my MBA in International Tourism Management I was eager to find a job where I could make use of my full potential and contribute to a company. Thankfully, I did find my perfect job fit! Therefore, I would like to share six things I believe you should do if you are looking for the perfect job fit (...). (download her full advice below)
Marisol Pellerin, IGC Alumni
Be clear about your profile
First of all, it is very important to narrow down what you are actually good at and find an industry where you can leverage your strength. People around you should confirm that for objectivity and also be ready to back it up with some episodes that suggest that you got it. What you like is not necessarily what you are good at (...), Yaho Sato, IGC Alumni.
Go out there and meet people!
First thing that you should keep in mind is that Bremen, although a developed city, is not as big as Berlin or Munich and job opportunities are comparably less and internationality (although almost always a required aspect) needs to be harnessed with personal and local connections. That is to say go out there and meet people that you think might be incremental in your job search because competing with people whose mother tongue is German or who lived and gained connections in the area for a long time; you will need a competitive advantage as well. Do not get lazy, do not think that that contact might not lead to anything because it is my experience that you never know (...), Adnan Tüccar, IGC Alumni.

Start learning German right away
Moreover, start learning German right away. You do not have to be C1 and super proficient but from what I have constantly experienced; employers are more likely to hire someone that they can speak in their mother-tongue with. Even in jobs requiring only English; if you have a mild level of German to communicate with your fellow workers, you will be more favorable (...), Adnan Tüccar, IGC Alumni.
(...) It is possible to not receive a single response for every 50 applications. Let it not stop you. Continue the Pursuit!!!!, Deepak Ramachandran, IGC Alumni.

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