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Residence permit support for international students seeking employment in Bremen
Interview with Holger Esen, bsu Bremen

Did you know that Graduates from German universities can allow themselves 18 months to find a proper job? During this time, they may work without restrictions. But how can you apply for that 18 month visa? What else do you need to know about obtaining a work permit?

We asked Holger Esen, head of the bsu. The bsu is unique on a nationwide scale: It is a joint institute of University of Bremen and the Municipal Office of Bremen (Stadtamt Bremen) serving as a branch of the Municipal Office for immigration laws and rights concerning foreign nationals and registration. It is responsible for all international scientists, researcher, academics and students as well as their families who live and work, or respectively study in Bremen. It offers international scientists, researchers, academics and students both advice and support in connection with issues regarding their residency. In all other cities, this group of people must resort to common immigration offices (Ausländerämter) and accept long waiting periods. The bsu is also a Registry Office (Meldeamt).

Download the full interview below to learn about 

  • How do I obtain the 18 months visa?
  • How can I get a work or a residence permit?
  • I am an exchange student, can I stay here after one semester?
  • Do I need to get the Blue Card?
  • and many more questions.

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