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Lots of things are changing right now. We all need to adapt to Corona Covid 19. We are trying to offer you updated information on how to make use of the time available, on how to apply during this crisis mode and more. Hang on in there and take good care of yourself! And please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you have any questions.

New and especially for you: Tutorials to go!
Wondering how to update your job applications? We have tutorials for you. More to come!
Starting your career in Germany
Each year, the Career Service invites experts and alumni to discuss challenges and opportunities of starting a career in Germany.
Don´t miss our upcoming event Starting your career in Germany on May 4 from 17-19.
Our experts include:

Dr. Bernd Lienstädt, Agentur für Arbeit Bremen
Dr. Hajo Schlitte, Chamber of Commerce Bremen.
Networking specialist Katy Siems from Toastmasters
HSB Alumna Diana Molina (MES graduate)
HSB Alumnus Alan Francis (MBA European Asian Management)
HSB Alumnus Kedar Upasini (MBA European Asian Management)

Last year`s questions included:
Which career strategies are most promising?
How does the (local) jobmarket look like? What does Bremen have to offer?
Do I need to speak German to find a job?
The key messages
- Don´t give up, you are here for a reason! Be kind to yourself.
- Learn German in every possible way!
- It is always a good idea to find the thing that makes you special, to identify your ideas and visions, to identify matching companies and to adapt your application documents to German standards.
- Don´t underestimate the application process.
- Get more IT skills, they might open new doors for you.
- Go and can meet people (conferences, meetups, events and more), don´t get stuck behind your notebook.
- Be open for new ideas.

newly revised edition/ neue Version 2020

Check our bilingual guide "12 steps towards your job" to learn about a successful career path in Germany.

Viele internationale Studierende möchten nach dem Studium gerne in Bremen oder Deutschland bleiben und erste Berufserfahrungen sammeln. Das zweisprachige "12 Steps" ist als Leitfaden für internationale Studierende gedacht und beschreibt die wesentlichen Schritte, um diesen Weg erfolgreich gehen zu können.



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