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Tradition and Innovation Shape the Universitity's Profile

Honours and Awards
The Bremen University of Applied Sciences is characterised by the poles of tradition and innovation. Although its roots extend back to 1799, our range of faculties is modern and uniquely oriented toward the future. The international component has become a trademark of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

In 2000 alone, the trendsetting profile of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences was rewarded by two excellent awards. The Centre for University Development (Centrum fuer Hochschulentwicklung) recognised the broad commitment to reform at the University by awarding it the designation “Best Practice University 2000”. “The University is great” was the – somewhat loosely – German translation that appeared as a headline of one Bremen newspaper. In the same year, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), in a certain sense the ‘Foreign Office’ for all German institutions of higher education, recognised the Bremen University of Applied Sciences for its international marketing efforts with a prize. The Bremen Marketing Club awarded the University the “Highlight” Marketing prize for innovation in 2001, recognising in particular the commitment to international marketing. Finally, the Association of Sponsors of German Science/Academia distinguished the Bremen University of Applied Sciences as a “Reform University,” a designation conferred on a total of five universities of applied sciences in 2001.
In 2003, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences was recognised for its environmental management system in accordance with the so-called “Eco Management and Audit Scheme” (EMAS”. One year later, the DAAD recognised the special successes and contributions toward the exchange of German and foreign ERASMUS students and instructors by conferring the “European Quality Seal 2004 SOKRATES/ERASMUS”. - Efforts to harmonise the relationship among study, work and family were honoured in 2005 by the “Family Oriented University” audit certificate. - The Association of Sponsors designated the international degree course in Aeronautical Systems Engineering and Management as a model to be emulated in 2006. - In 2007, the international degree course in Bionics was chosen as “Selected Location 2007” (Germany, Country of Ideas).

As of the 2005/2006 Winter semester, all degree courses except two have been integrated into the internationally compatible Bachelor and Master degree structure. Students will find that international recognition of their course work and degrees is easier, which expands the potential for mobility both during study and professional life. The Bremen University of Applied Sciences, in carrying out this reform process, responds to the recommendations of the Bologna Declaration of June, 1999, according to which the implementation of the new structure must be completed across Europe by 2010 at the latest.

The Bremen University of Applied Science’s approximately 8,940 students can choose from 66 overwhelmingly international degree courses offered by five faculties. Periods of study or practical experience abroad are obligatory in over half the degree courses. Foreign language instruction is provided and some courses are offered in foreign languages. The significant number of international degree courses has ensured the Bremen University of Applied Sciences a leading position within Germany and justifies its development of the International Component as trademark. Student and instructor exchange, as well as course content, are governed by 365 cooperative agreements with partner universities worldwide.

The international degree courses do not have a unified structure: the number and orientation of semesters abroad are determined by the requirements of the different degree courses and the opportunities available in the given guest country. The number of semesters abroad ranges from one to four.



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