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Arrangement for wearing mouth and nose covers when entering the university buildings

The Hochschule Bremen (University of Applied Sciences) is gradually resuming operations and, in addition to various laboratory events and the operation of workshop areas, is also conducting attendance tests where there are no alternative forms of examination. This is why we have to deal with an increased number of people on campus and in the buildings, especially at Neustadtswall.

Since it cannot be guaranteed that the specified distance rules can be adhered to due to local conditions, all persons entering our buildings are now required to wear a suitable mouth-and-nose cover for their own protection and for the protection of others. You will only be exempt from this obligation at your workstations or laboratory, workshop or test sites if the specified minimum distance can be guaranteed. Of course, those persons who are not obliged to wear a MNB due to health impairments are exempt from this.

We ask for your understanding for this arrangement and assure you that this obligation will be lifted immediately if the number of persons changes.

With kind regards

Your university administration

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