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The international degree course of Aviation Systems Technology and Management (ASTM) combines a traditional education in traffic aircraft pilots for surface aeroplanes or helicopters with an education in engineering science.

The aim of this dual training in engineering and piloting is to co-ordinate an engineering science degree with the acquisition of a licence for the controlling of an air traffic aircraft.

In addition to an aviation licence, prospective pilots achieve the internationally recognised Degree of ‘Bachelor of Engineering’ in engineering science. The modular formation of the study programme and the application of the ECTS system also ensures the connection to the European educational system.

The degree course comprises 8 semesters, including the final Bachelor’s project. It comprises 6 modular structured study semesters, 2 practical semesters and a minimum of one overseas semester. The practical semester overseas is therefore recognised as an overseas semester.

In semesters 1 to 3 the engineering foundation is conveyed via the modules of mathematics, information technology, physics, thermodynamics, electrical / hydraulic drives, mechanics, electrotechnology, material technology and machine components / construction.

Seminars 4 to 8 encompass course-specific reinforcement modules in flight administration / flight control, flight administration technology, control engineering / flight control, flight drives, aerodynamics / aeromechanics, aeroplane construction, air traffic, one module of choice and human performance limitations.

In he 6th and 7th semesters the practical training after JAR-FCL takes place at one of the partner traffic piloting schools.

Modern equipment and methods are applied in the training. Furthermore, besides specialised and methodological skills, competencies in the key qualifications of Psychology, Business Management Studies and Management are conveyed. Various modules are offered in the English language.

The Bachelor final year project should be worked on in co-operation with aviation companies, whereby the emphasis is laid on inter-disciplinary topics.



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