Notes on the use of our database

  1. You can use the different search options individually or in combination. The more criteria you use, the more specific the results will be.
  2. If you search for the criterion ‘faculty’, you will find all cooperations of the respective faculty. Then select the relevant degree programme from the list of all degree programmes at HSB.
  3. Search field exchange programme: here you can filter for HSB funding opportunities for educational visits in Europe (ERASMUS+ studies - SMS) or worldwide (Partner Weltweit studies).
  4. Only when you click on ‘Search’ will the search start!
  5. For further information on a partner university and the contact person at HSB, click on a university. Since the exchange modalities vary greatly and the allocation of exchange places is done via the faculties, please contact the indicated contact person of your faculty for further information.

The partner university database is a service by MoveON.