Study and work safely at the HSB

As a place of study, academic institution and employer, the Hochschule Bremen has a special responsibility towards students and employees in the current COVID 19 pandemic. The university management has made regulations taking into account local conditions, which are continuously updated here.




General information

Studying in Corona times

Here you will find the most important answers for students.


Official testing possibilities

Official tests on campus

There is a public testing station on Campus Neustadtswall where you can have an official antigen test without an appointment. The test is carried out by the Fischbach pharmacy.

Opening hours

  • until 23 December 2021: 07:00 a.m. – 03:00 p.m.
  • 24 December 2021 up to and including 2 January 2022: closed
  • from 3 January 2022 on: Monday to Friday, 07:00 a.m. – 03:00 p.m.


Campus Neustadtswall (courtyard entrance between WKL hall and SI building, under the blue footbridge).

Further testing possibilities

Free antigen tests are carried out in test centres, doctors' surgeries, and pharmacies

Corona information for Internationals

Entrances to HSB builings during restricted access (Corona)