Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil engineering and environmental engineering work closely together in teaching and research in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Since the Technikum was founded in 1894, the Civil Engineering programme can look back on a tradition of more than 125 years of successful engineering education.

Initially, the practice-oriented education began in a construction trade school, which has been developed into a research-intensive department with numerous institutes and laboratories to this day. Due to the increasing importance of environmental problems, the Environmental Engineering degree programme was founded in 1992.

Through long-standing cooperations such as Region im Wandel and through many public events, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has grown into a motor of innovation in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen with national and international significance.

News from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Degree programmes

Subject-specific, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, the degree programs of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering provide practical skills in construction and infrastructure projects as well as complex energy and environmental projects. Since being accredited by the AQAS agency in 2017, the department offers two bachelor's and two master's degree programmes.

For many years, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has successfully run the Bachelor in Civil Engineering and International Environmental Engineering B. Sc. programs that are continuously updated meet future professional demands.

Newly developed in 2017, the cross-curricular specialization area "Infrastructure" that vividly illustrates the thematic connections between the two disciplines, can be chosen by students of both bachelor's degree programmes.

In addition, both degree programs contain a further, alternatively selectable specialization area in "Structural Engineering" and "Environmental Process Engineering".

The two Master's programmes Civil and Environment Engineering (Infrastructure) M.Sc. and Sustainable Energy and Environment Systems M. Eng. (ZEUS) offer all students the opportunity to further deepen their knowledge from the Bachelor's programme and develop career-relevant skills.

Laboratories Construction and Environment

Networks, cooperation and sponsors

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering maintains regular exchange with professional associations and professional organisations such as the chambers of engineers. The transformation of the professions, e.g. through digitalisation, is discussed in mutual dialogue. Joint events, scholarships and projects form the foundation for an exchange through which students are introduced step by step to the professional organisations in civil and environmental engineering already during their studies.

  • VBI - Verband beratender Ingenieure
  • VDI - Verein Deutscher Ingenieure
  • Engineers without borders
  • DWA - German Association for Water Management, Waste Water and Waste
  • VDB - Association of German Concrete Engineers (member)
  • MPA Materialprüfanstalt der Freien Hansestadt Bremen - Division of Leibniz IWT Bremen (Deputy Director)
  • Bremer Netzwerk ReUse und ReCycling im Bauwesen (co-founder)
  • RWB Forschungsvereinigung Recycling und Wertstoffverwertung im Bauwesen e.V. (Research Association for Recycling and Recovery in the Construction Industry) (Member of the Board)
  • Oldenburger Energiecluster
  • WAB e.V.: Branchennetzwerk für die Windenergie
  • In recent years, the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering has cooperated with the following project partners, among others, as part of its research projects:  Hanseatic City of Wismar (FV HWI-Plan); AWI Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (FV Weststrand); seaports in Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Brake, Cuxhaven, Rostock, Lübeck and Wismar (FV Portklima); THW Bundesschule Hoya, now THW-Ausbildungszentrum Hoya (FV HWS-Bildung and FV Deichschutz); Geological Service for Bremen, Institut Senckenberg am Meer, Uni Greifswald / Institut für dauerhaft umweltgerechte Entwicklung von Naturräumen der Erde e. V. (DUENE e.V.), Lower Saxony Landscape Chamber (FV Drepteniederung).
  • German Steel Construction Association DSTV
  • German Committee for Steel Construction DAST
  • German Institute for Standardisation DIN
  • German Association for Welding and Allied Processes DVS
  • European Commission for Constructional Steelwork ECCS
  • International Society for Offshore and Polar Engineers ISOPE
  • Lower Saxony Chamber of Engineers
  • wab e.V

Partnerships and international contacts

  • Proceq / Screening Eagle (Cooperation agreement on non-destructive testing of concrete and reinforced concrete components).
  • reinforced concrete components
  • ClubUNIGIS
  • CTICM, France
  • EPFL, Switzerland
  • TU Eindhoven, Netherlands

Advisory boards

The advisory board serves to exchange ideas on teaching and academic and practical developments. If necessary, it formulates expectations of the university in this regard. The advisory boards of the Department of Construction and Environment anchor the degree programmes in the region and in current professional practice. The continuous discourse in the meetings of the advisory boards on current developments in the construction industry and the latest state of the art enriches the curriculum of the practice-oriented degree programmes.

Building Advisory Council

  • VSVI - Association of Road and Traffic Engineers: Markus May, Chairman of the Board
  • bremenports GmbH & Co. KG: Robert Howe, Managing Director (GF)
  • umtec & Chamber of Engineers HB: Torsten Sasse, President of the Chamber and GF umtec
  • STB - Sabotke- Timm & Partner, Consulting Engineers VBI: Maike Timm, GF
  • hanseWasser: Jörg Broll-Bickhardt, GF
  • Kathmann Construction Company: Lüder Kathmann, GF
  • Goldbeck Nord GmbH: Jörg Wenzel, Branch Manager Bremen


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Alumni Construction and Environment

Cooperations and sponsors

Teaching and research at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Environment have been actively supported for many years by sponsors who have contributed significantly to its track record.

Peter Wefing Foundation

The Peter Wefing Sponsorship Prize is awarded annually and was donated to the Bremen University of Applied Sciences by Peter Wefing, a businessman who passed away on 2 February 2016 at the age of 88. In addition, the Peter Wefing Foundation supports students with scholarships.

Karl Engeland

The Karl Engeland Prize is awarded annually and was endowed by the Honorary Senator of Bremen University of Applied Sciences and building contractor Dipl.-Ing. Karl Engeland, who passed away on 18 April 2016 at the age of 93.

Detlef Hegemann Foundation

Initial spark for digitalisation: Detlef Hegemann Foundation donates a total of 240,000 euros: With a donation totalling 240,000 euros until 2024, the Detlef Hegemann Foundation will support the forward-looking, digital equipment of Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Bremen University of Applied Sciences over the next few years.

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Prizes and foundations