Management of departments and study programs

The department management represents all matters of the department and assumes all organizational and personnel tasks in day-to-day business operations. It sets work goals and priorities for the department, informs employees about matters relevant to the department, and supports financial planning, among other tasks.


Head of Construction and Environment Department

Study program directors

The program director is responsible for the implementation and organization of the program. The tasks of the program directors are: Ensuring the courses offered and the examinations in the study program in close coordination with the examination board, organization and implementation of practical supervision.


Civil Engineering B. Sc. Civil and Environmental Engineering (Infrastructure) M. Sc.

Sustainable Energy and Environmental Systems M. Eng.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Eckardt
Zukunftsfähige Energieversorgung und Ressourceneffizienz
+49 421 5905 3427

International Environmental Engineering B. Sc.

Department Administration Construction and Environment, Study Program Management Construction

Study Program Management Environment and Energy

Service centers and interest groups

Decentralized quality management

Contact Press, Public Relations and Science Communication

Science Communication Construction and Environment

Within the framework of the design and implementation of the quality management system, to accompany the communication, organizational and quality management of the faculty, the organs of the decentralized QM are supported by the QM staff.


Quality Management and Science Communication Construction and Environment / Contact Press, Public Relations and Science Communication

DIO Decentralized International Office

The decentralized International Office is a service facility of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environment for domestic and international students. The focus is on promoting internationalization through cooperation and networking with international partner universities and institutions.



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Committees are the self-governing bodies of the university and consist of elected representatives of the status group of students, professors and staff. They decide on strategic directions and framework conditions.