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Health Insurance

Applicants under the age of 30 years are obliged to submit evidence that they have healthcare insurance at the time when they register at the university. Applicants who are 30 years or older are not required to submit proof of health insurance.

General information
When a student registers at the university upon commencement of his or her studies, or changes the health insurance provider and/or academy/university, he or she must submit proof of statutory health insurance coverage to the office of the university's academic registrar. The university will then automatically confirm registration to the new health insurance provider.

Information on family insurance
Students who are covered by their parents' statutory healthcare and compulsory long term nursing care insurance are entitled to preserve this status until they complete the age of 25 years, unless certain income thresholds are exceeded. Military service or alternative civilian service prolongs the entitlement to paid-up family insurance by an according period. Other legal services, for example, development aid service, may also prolong the duration of insurance coverage under certain circumstances.

A student may decide in favor of a new health insurance provider after his or her family insurance expires. A change is possible without difficulty at this point of time.

Information on private insurance

Students who have been privately insured previously are subject to statutory healthcare and long term nursing care from the day of university enrollment onwards and thus have the possibility of joining a legal healthcare and long term nursing care institution and thus paying much less insurance contributions. However, they also have the opportunity to become exempt from compulsory insurance within three months after starting studies if they wish to remain privately insured. But please note: This exemption applies to the entire length of one's studies! Ask an insurance provider for information in due time!

Termination of insurance
The students' healthcare and long term nursing care insurance (GKV) usually ends with the completion of studies, i.e. after the 14th semester and/or the semester in which the student reaches the age of 30. Exceptions are possible if family-related and/or personal reasons, or the type of education, caused a prolongation and thus justify the continuance of student insurance coverage. Examples for this are: illness, childbirth and subsequent attendance, acquisition of university entry qualifications through adult education, etc. In such cases of exception please inquire at your health insurance provider.

Health Insurance for foreign nationals / international students

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