Hochschule Bremen - University of Applied Sciences

Hochschule Bremen

May to July of the Year of Study

Identification Documents
Please ensure that your identification is valid for at least another six months, so that you will be able to apply for an extension while in Germany.
Most students live in private housing arrangements. Prices to rent a room are generally approx. € 250 per month. A deposit consisting of the first month’s rent, plus one or two additional months of rent, not including utility costs, must be deposited before moving in.

The student union manages the distribution of rooms in the student residence; these are in high demand and are assigned early. On average, it costs € 250 to rent a residence room.

Studierendenwerk Bremen
Bibliothekstr. 3
D-28359 Bremen

Phone: +49-421 2201 0
Fax.: +49-421 2201 201

Individual Accommodation in flats or shared housing (WG):
Students looking for a more authentic living experience and who are confident enough to look for accommodation individually, may want to look at the following housing listings:
For the first days after your arrivel to Bremen, staying in a hostel is a good option:



Access Keys: