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The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is the highly productive regional center in Germany’s northwest. It is characterized by a diversified economic structure and a multi-faceted academic scene. Partnering businesses with academic institutions is one of measures to unlock the economic development potentials for companies and the entire region.

Due to the way subjects of its study programs are designed together with its institutes, the content of the study programs at Hochschule Bremen along with the research focuses in his institutes basically reflects the economic structure of Bremen and the region. It is the clear objective of Hochschule Bremen to actively contribute its share to the regional structural policy and to increase actively and with dedication its activities in the areas of research, development, technology transfer and continuing education.

The discussion about Germany’s future as a global center of commerce and industry, in general, has brought universities of applied sciences more into the center of attention.

Hochschule Bremen is well-positioned thanks to the favorable framework conditions. Applied research at Hochschule Bremen has been recognized by being awarded numerous regional and national grants e.g. by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology or its predecessor institutions.

Hochschule Bremen is involved in numerous research and development projects: issues from social sciences and the humanities as well as specific subjects from the areas of natural sciences, engineering sciences and economics.

In accordance with its legal mandate, Hochschule Bremen feels committed to advance research and development further. In particular, this is done for the following reasons:

- Projects in cooperation with businesses allow Hochschule Bremen to make a decisive contribution to the strengthening of the regional economy.
- When research and development is geared to the needs of the workplace, studies become up-to-date and gain quality. This in turn makes the study program more attractive.
- The students are increasingly more motivated and identify themselves with Hochschule Bremen and its institutional bodies by integrating diploma theses into such projects.
- Business start-ups can be initiated from within the University of Applied Sciences.
- Hochschule Bremen can be integrated into a network of other research institutions and the economy. This benefits its reputation and attractiveness.

The formal structure for research and development work at Hochschule Bremen is generally made up by institutes, centers or academic units.



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