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Relevance to Practice

This course provides the ideal combination of the great strength of studying at an established university of applied sciences, namely an application-oriented and well-founded degree course, with the advantages of working in a renowned company, namely intensive practical experience in the world of employment. From the very beginning the students benefit from this dual approach, which focuses throughout on providing students with a lasting professional qualification.

  • According to the legislation governing higher education, a person can only be appointed professor at a university of applied sciences if they have at least five years’ relevant practical experience.
  • A large number of highly qualified part-time lecturers from the world of business teach in our department.
  • The course incorporates a longer period of intensive practical work in addition to the regular practical phases. It can be undertaken in Germany or abroad, with the agreement of the partner company concerned.
  • The intensive phase of practical training provides ideas for the choice of specialisation in the last two semesters.
  • The intensive phase of practical training provides starting points for the Bachelor project which prepares the Bachelor thesis.
  • The continued and intensive integration into the company is guaranteed even during the specialist courses in the sixth and seventh semesters by the fact that the Bachelor project and the Bachelor thesis generally relate to issues arising directly from the company which are solved with scientific methods.
  • All teaching modules and all phases of the course overall place great emphasis on practical relevance. Since the future career can have a great many forms and the requirements are very varied, the course concentrates on the acquisition of methodological competences and "social skills".




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