Degree Bachelor of Arts
Start of study Winter semester
Application period Winter semester 01. July until 31. July
Standard period of study 7 semesters
Credits 210

Yes. 2019.


Admission restricted Yes
Admission requirements
  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences or placement examination / special admission 
  • Foreign language skills at level B1.2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages 


Language of instruction German
Faculty/institution School of International Business
Integrated stay abroad Yes

The International Degree Programme in Global Management has a strong international orientation. Combining aspects of business management with intercultural management, it encompasses modules in the fields of economics, cultural studies, law and English. The programme consists of a four-semester phase at the Hochschule Bremen, a year abroad in an 'emerging economy' and a final phase of one semester Bremen. The degree programme prepares you to take on management tasks in international companies and organisations where intercultural skills are an increasingly sought-after requirement. A work placement comprising 20 weeks abroad is part of the curriculum. The geographical focus of the international programme is on ‘emerging economies’ in Latin America, Asia and Africa, so you will expand and deepen your foreign language skills. 

  • Spanish: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico and Peru 
  • Portuguese: Brazil 
  • Indonesian: Indonesia and Malaysia 
  • English: India, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa and ASEAN countries, excluding Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Due to the clear focus on the field of economics, the Global Management programme is clearly distinguished from the Applied Business Languages degree programme. In contrast to the International Tourism Management degree programme, it is not tailored to industry-specific topics. The geographical focus and orientation to emerging economies means that the Global Management programme is also clearly distinguishable from the Business Administration/International Management degree programme. 

Career prospects

A stay abroad in an ‘emerging economy’ is a central component of the degree programme.  Against this background, the degree programme opens up career opportunities both in companies as well as in public administration or non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Through the mix of subjects, together with the programme structure and special language qualifications, you are suitably equipped to assume economic, ecological, political and cultural responsibility under the conditions of very different cultural situations. Comprehensive professional, social and intercultural competence as well as practical experience abroad in an emerging economy and knowledge of at least two foreign languages contribute to the competitive edge enjoyed by graduates of the Global Management programme. 

The degree programme lays the foundation for a later Master's degree, as you already acquire broad methodological competence.  

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Programme structure

Examination regulations (German)


Der Internationale Studiengang Global Management fördert durch Studierendenaustausch die interkulturellen Kompetenzen. Auch die Lehrenden verfügen vielfach über Auslandserfahrungen. Die Lehrveranstaltungen an der Hochschule Bremen finden zu einem erheblichen Teil in englischer Sprache statt.

Dazu kommt, dass in jedem Semester die Studierenden ausländischer Partnerhochschulen an den Lehrveranstaltungen teilnehmen. Für Sie ist dies ein entscheidender Vorteil, da sie zum Zeitpunkt ihres eigenen Auslandsjahres bereits über ein Netzwerk vor Ort verfügen können. Ein einjähriger Aufenthalt in der Zielregion ist zentraler Bestandteil des Studiums.

International cooperations

The International Programme in Global Management also promotes intercultural skills through contact with fellow students. Many of the lecturers also have international experience. A significant proportion of the courses at the Hochschule Bremen are held in English. In addition, you will frequently find yourself in the company of students from foreign partner universities. For you this can be particularly advantageous, as you can already have access to a local network by the time that you go abroad. A one-year stay in the target region is a central component of the Global Management programme. 

The following countries are currently on the list of target regions:  

  • Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico and Peru (Spanish-speaking Latin America: currently in 19 cities at 30 partner universities). 
  • Brazil (Portuguese: currently in 7 cities at 7 partner universities) 
  • Indonesia and Malaysia (Indonesian: in 6 cities at 6 partner universities) 
  • India, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa and Thailand (English: in 10 cities at 10 partner universities)
Porträtfoto Francisco Vallarino

„The programme focus of the stay abroad is on “emerging economies” rather than developed nations, offering a perfect blend of business and culture.“

Francisco Villarino Inda student on the Global Management degree programme


Ein 20-wöchiges Praktikum im Ausland ist Teil des Curriculums.

Das Curriculum besteht aus 35 Modulen. Die modulbezogene Übung dient der Vermittlung von Wissen im Anwendungsbezug. Übungen und Fallbeispiele sind entsprechend dem Lernfortschritt der Studierenden in die Veranstaltung integriert. Zur Sicherstellung des Kompetenzerwerbs werden die beschriebenen Inhalte des Moduls geübt und trainiert. Dies erfolgt unter anderem über:

  • in die hochschuleigene Lernplattform AULIS eingestellte Materialien sowie
  • die Einrichtung und Betreuung eines Diskussionsforums auf der Lernplattform. Dort werden Fragen und Diskussion der Studierenden verfolgt und dem Lernfortschritt angepasst beantwortet.


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